Tactical Event in Australia, Mogadishu Wrap up

Thanks to everyone who came out today, and made it our biggest Scenario Event so far.
The City of Mogadishu has been under control of the Somalian Freedom Force for two weeks, civilian casualties are high. They have control of 5 mission critical hard drives. Joint coalition forces have assembled 3 Special Forces units. The Australian SASR, US Navy Seal Team Six, and the British Special Boat Service (SBS).

The day started off well, and late as every paintball event does. In total we had 96 players from all over Australia come out for the event, even Domenic Annable from Townsville made it down! The Somalian team consisted of the tournament Team, X-Fighters, Ex Swat Players, and many more, they had around 40 players with one mission, hold off the Attacking forces for 2 games, and protect the 5 Hard Drives. With great leadership from Edda Henry, Souse Khoury, and John Caruana, they managed to do just that.

The SBS team was made up mostly of Fireball Paintball players (the Cult) and Action Paintball Supervisors. The had the hard task of Assaulting the city of Mogadishu from the bottom of the hill. They didn’t fair to well in the first game, but the second they managed to secure hard drives for an extra 30 points.

The SASR team was made up of mostly IYAYOAS members, with members of the Australian Defense Force as well. They had game plans, radios and the most difficult start point. The start point was deep in the bush, far away from the Mogadishu City, so it was very impressive the amount of kills and ground they took.
Here is how the day Panned Out:

UK SBS total Points 255 – 2 Hard Drives Captured, 4 Assassinations, 
Somalia 281 – Over 200 Kills, and multiple Leader Assassinations
Seals 217 -  1 Assassination 
SASR 209 – 2 Hard Drives Captured

The Somalian team ended up on top by simply shooting a lot of people! The defense held strong.
Special thanks to Devon Stutz of Dye Asia for the support of our scenario events! 

Best Dressed – Luke “Edda” Henry – Wins 1 Box of Killer Psycho “Blood” Paintballs
After the day, it looked like everyone had an awesome time, and everyone also looked incredibly tired after combat. Thanks alot to all the staff at Action Paintball for working hard to make it happen, and as well to Sydney SWAT, without you guys it could not have went down.

Stay tuned for info on Operation: Etha Dec 2011
-Adam Connolly Paintballshop.com GM

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