Team Evolution attends Waiakill Tactical Paintball big game in Ecuador

Last week in Playas Ecuador, Team Evolution attended the Waiakill Tactical Paintball’s big game. The event was a great success with over 500 players attending. The event was held on the Pacific coast of Ecuador, so besides two days of great scenario paintball, the players enjoyed time at the beach and a wild nightlife.  The vendor trade show was full of booths supporting the players, including many from outside the paintball industry. In addition to playing the event and helping win the battle for their side, Team Evolution, set up an impressive booth with Splat War, showcasing DYE’s full product line. Evolution also demonstrated how effective the new DYE-Cam tactical gear can be at the event. Thanks to Waiakill Tactical Paintball for organizing an amazing weekend of paintball and fun.

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