STK wins the final round of the TK series in Australia

Today was the final round of the TK series for 2011. The day stared with a freak storm. It rained and hailed heavily for about 4 hours. After that the sun came out to say hi and we went back to get our bronzing on and play some paintball. With WCA looming over us, the motivation to get a win in before the big event of the year for us was important. The team has had issues this year getting motivated to step up our game and it shows in the previous event results. Our heads were in the game and all we wanted to do was smash people and put a hurting on each team that lined up against us on the field. We made it through the prelims dropping 2 games but that did not have a negative effect on team. We made it to the finals and we knew this was our event to win. We had to play a tough Perth City Trauma team so it was truly a battle of the best teams in Perth playing each other in the finals. We came out firing and beat them off the field in two straight games. We proved to ourselves that we are not only ready for WCA but we are going into the event with a lot of confidence. We also learned a few of the things that we need to work on, so no mistakes are made when it will count the most. We would like to thank the great owners and staff at WASP paintball park for everything they have done for us and also Dye Precision.

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