Team KU Japan wins in Taiwan

First of all, we want to thank APIT in Taiwan for inviting “Team KU Japan” to this event. It was a very fun and exciting tournament as usual and we never regret coming each and every year.

The facilities were pretty impressive, the field was great, it had a similar layout to the WCA so that we can get used to it when we play there next month. The pit was clean and spacious and we were able to move around in it with no problem. Most important was the hotel which was a 30 second walk from the event venue which was very convenient for us.

We want to thank our Victory to our sponsor DYE precision, without their great gear the win would have been more difficult. The NEW CG paint was very impressive, spot on, and always broke on target

We have got to give a hand to Team ST, who pushed us real hard, and our victory did not come easy. I would consider them as one of the best teams in Taiwan.

Special thanks to the marshals of the event whose decisions were spot on.

Thank You from TEAM KU JAPAN

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