World Cup Day 5 Wrap Up

Sunday was an action packed day of teams fighting to make it to the top. Damage had won all their games, so they advanced to the semi finals, and would play the winner of the game between Ironmen and Vicious.

Ironmen started off strong, but was unable to make it count at the end. Vicious was able to beat the Ironmen and advance to play against Damage. It would have been great to see Ironmen in the finals, as this was Billy Wings last tournament with the Ironmen. Billy Wing has stayed with the Ironmen his whole professional career with multiple world titles and tournament wins with the team.

Dynasty had won all their games wining most of the games with a 7-point margin, and many thought they would win the event. They ended up losing against the Boston BRL (Russian Legion) and Boston would advance to the finals. Damage was dominating the whole event and the Semi final match with vicious showed that Damage was in it to win it. Damage beats Vicious and advances to the Finals to play against Boston BRL (Russian Legion)

The Grandstands had sold out and the crowd was filled with fans from all over the world.

The finals started as a close game as points were traded between the two teams. Then Damage stated to pull away and was able to beat the Russians and win the World Cup

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