TonTon’s win World Cup Asia

The TonTon team traveled to Malaysia last weekend to represent Europe for the Intercontinental Cup, hosted at the PALS World Cup Asia event. The location in Langkawi was huge! 4 indoor fields in an air conditioned arena, a big Trade Show and the best team from each continent were there to fight for the 1st place.

We spent only 3 days on the island, but because the Intercontinental Cup games were only between 6 and 10 pm, we had a lot of free time to to explore the island. So, we rented some scooters and headed to the beach and did some sight seeing!

We won our 3 prelims games, moving directly to the semi final against STK from Australia.
The points were tight but we advanced, won 4-1 and moved to the final against the LA Ironmen, representing the US.

This final was a tight game too, the Ironmen were leading 2-0 but we found the resources to equalize at 2-2 and finally gain this Cup 4-2. Both teams were shooting with the new DM12, helping the players to improve their skill sets.

Thanks a lot to DYE for the support, this year the Cup belongs to Europe, lets see if we can come back and keep it next year!

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