Hotshots Paintball wrap up with Billy Wing

Last Sunday, January 29th DYE sent me down to Hotshots paintball in Southern Florida to host a DYE Demo Day. I had an arm full of DYE’s top Markers for players to test out on the field. NTs, DM12s, reflexes, throttle tanks, Rotors you name it. I had on them all on the table ready for anyone to grab and try out for a few games. I also had my full tech kit with me, so any players with questions or any trouble with a DYE marker received factory support and service.

I hadn’t gotten on a PB field since World Cup so I was excited to get out and mix it up with the Palm Beach Vipers. The day went by so fast, talking to friends, helping newer players, and keeping the demo gear circulating, I almost didn’t get to play. Luckily some of the local guys saved enough paint for me to play a few points at the end of the day.

Being a groundskeeper myself I was impressed to see how great Hotshot’s perfectly groomed PSP field was in person. I had a great day hanging out, playing with the Vipers, all the local guys that came out, and of course Jeff and his fantastic staff at Hotshots Paintball. Thanks to everyone for a great day of paintball. If you are in Southern Florida be sure to plan a day at Hotshots.

Billy Wing

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