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PALS Thailand 2012 by STK

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

Last weekend we were in Bangkok, Thailand for the first round of the PALS series. This was our third time to Thailand. We love going to Thailand — the food, people and shopping are amazing, and the tournament is always excellent. We arrived on Wednesday night and went out immediately to eat. We ate Tom Yum Goong everyday and it is now STK’s official food of choice.

The tournament started rough, with us on Friday losing straight up 4-1 to both Datis and the newly revamped Demonz team. Ronin were also playing strong and we lost in a close game to them as well. We started feeling more confident towards the end of Friday, but still had a hard road ahead with Infernal from Thailand (who have won PALS Thailand for the past two years) and Shockwave from Canada still to verse on Saturday.

Infernal destroyed us. It was hard to take this many losses. Sitting at the bottom of the bracket isn’t really a position we were in at all in 2011. We managed to tie to Shockwave, and win our remaining games.

So we finished the preliminaries with 3.5 wins out of 8. We literally scraped into top 8. We were desperate, but hungry to make it work. We revised our game-plan endlessly until we had finally gotten a grasp of how the field was playing out.

We moved onto Sunday to play our quarter-finals game against Datis, last years WCA champs and series winners. It sounds weird and lame to say it now out of context, but in the huddle before the game we used a marathon runner’s quote to sum up our experience at the tournament to this point: At mile 20 – I thought I was dying. At mile 22 – I knew I was dying. At mile 25 – I thought I was dead. At mile 30, I’d become to tough to kill.

And with that mentality we went into the Datis game and beat them 4-0, securing our spot in the top 4.

Next up we had to play Shockwave from Canada in the semi-finals. We were finally playing good, but they were playing hot and their snake presence was too powerful, and we went down 4-2. They went onto win the tournament.

This left us to play against Demonz for 3rd and 4th. Again, I felt as though we were playing good, but penalties and some good plays by them saw the game slip away 4-2, leaving us with 4th. It was a much harder road than Thailand last year, but we ultimately finished with the same result as 2011 for the season opener. Our new players Farran and Regan are both 17, but know how to play and party like champs!

Our new Dye gear is amazing; the DM12′s shoot so great, and the C12 playing gear was so comfortable, light and cool in the hot conditions of Bangkok. After the tournament we picked up our suits and analyzed graphs and did some business.


EPPL Ecuador wrap up

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012


The EPPL hosted their first event of 2012, and DYE showed up in force. DYE sponsored teams held the top spot in every division. Evolution walked away with 1st in Div2. It was a great event with good weather and a great playing field. Leave it to Ecuador to find a venue next to a water park. Congratulations to all the DYE teams that placed, and the EPPL for a fantastic event.

1st – Evolution (DYE)
2nd – Tsunami (DYE)
3rd – Zurikatas(DYE)
1st – Evolution jr (DYE)
2nd – Monosalvaje
3rd – Zurikatas Silver (DYE)
1st  – Temerarious (DYE)
2nd – Evolution kids (DYE)
3rd – Cachorros Locos

Dye Blog Update from Hostile Intentions Australia

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

The 2012 Australian Super 7’s M7 Paintball series kicked off in February at Action Paintball in Sydney. 35 teams had entered which is a massive turn out for a first round.

Hostile Intentions entered and we were looking to start the year off with a good result.

Walking the field on Friday it become quickly obvious that it had rained in Sydney for several weeks leading up to the event. The staff had done their best with the grass but it was going to be a wet and muddy weekend. We went back to our hotel and tested our brand new DM12′s, so it was out of the box and straight into the tournament.

We went into the event feeling confident because we had won the last two tournaments at the end of last year. Our first match was against Sydney Swat, the current series champions, and they beat us quite convincingly 4-1. The team had a meeting and reassessed some small parts of the game plan,  made some changes and the next few matches went our way. We still did not quite feel like we had hit our stride and we needed to find it if we were to have a chance of winning.

By Sunday at lunch the prelims were done, everyone had enjoyed their fair share of mud and bruises and we had ended up with a record of  5 wins and 2 losses and in second place. However this put us into the finals for first and second.

Heading into the final we still had not found our best game yet, but we were still confident that we would be able to put up a good fight. Hostile Intentions revel in finals and they usually end up being our best games of the weekend, hopefully we could find that little bit extra again this time.

Well those extra couple of cogs we were looking for slipped into gear during the final, and everyone’s game stepped up. We were playing the same team who gave us a healthy beating in the first match of the weekend, Sydney SWAT. We play these guys quite often in finals and we know each others game very well. SWAT came out hard in the first point and went up on bodies 5-2, but our last 2 live players kept it tight and made the moves needed to pull it back for an inspiring first point. This lifted the energy of the whole team and we went into the next 3 points hard and came out with the win for the weekend.

It is only the first round of a long year but it is a great start and hopefully we can continue the form all year. Bring on Round 2.

Ironmen weekend with the Walkons

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

This past weekend, some of the Ironmen got back to their roots and took to the fields at SC Village.  With so many new faces on the roster, what better way to get to know each other better than by playing some paintball.  Being on a pro team can be extremely grueling during a training weekend, so to give the boys a break, they played alongside the advanced walk-ons and even played some speedball with some rookies.

Most of the Ironmen dressed in Dye Tactical Gear showed up with smiles on their faces.  Mike Paxson brought some of his family members to Saturday’s “Fun” Day.  Even “Trucker Billy” showed up to play.  Eric Humphreys, Ryan Collette, Brandon Short, and Justin “LJ” Schwarz all played recreational paintball.  Ryan, LJ, and Mike all had nostalgic moments, but for young Eric Humphreys, he didn’t have many old stories to tell.  Even Brandon Short never really got his start playing at SC Village’s walk-on fields, but from the “Fun” vest Brandon was wearing, he definitely showed that he was having a great time.

The Ironmen didn’t make any introductions to anyone they were playing alongside by indicating the fact that they were professional tournament players.  Instead, they invited rookies to play with them.  For instance, LJ took the time to break the players into teams and played 5-on-5 games on SC Village’s Lego field.  After playing a handful of back-to-back games, LJ was impressed with one of the rookies and called him “John Wayne”; this kid had a great shot.  As we were walking away from the Lego field, the kid asked, “Who were those guys?”  I said, “Ironmen,” and he gasped, saying, “Woh,” and rushed over to his buddies to share the discovery.

After being at SC Village for 6 hours, it was time to pack it up.  The Ironmen went home after rejuvenating their paintball spirits, remembering that reason why they even started playing paintball in the first place.

Dynamix Win GPPL Event 1 In South Africa

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

Dynamix Win GPPL Event 1 In South Africa

Dynamix just competed in the first major tournament of 2012, GPPL1 (Gauteng Professional Paintball League), held at Blades and Triggers.  The field was looking great with lush green grass and perfect weather. There were a lot of new 3 man teams, which is a great sign that paintball is growing in South Africa! Dynamix helped run a Proto Rail Experience and let some of the new players try out the Proto Rail while coaching them through their games with tips and advice. The 3 man teams also had a great opportunity to play on SA’s very first Astro Turf field! Big thanks to Blades and Triggers for raising the bar and providing the world class venue once again.

Dynamix started Saturday full of smiles with all their new C12 Dye gear, parting ways with their NT11’s (which served us well last year), for the new powerful DM12! Testing all the paint at the event, DNX opted to use Dye’s new CG paint, which was great through out the whole day. It certainly gave us an edge, and helped us move on to Sunday.

After some solid wins on Sunday, Dynamix felt strong going into the finals against Xplicit. Xplicit definitely came out swinging, they were 2-0 up on us with 3 minutes left on the clock.  Dynamix boys showed a lot of heart and never gave up fighting. Chris England playing some of the best paintball of his life, alongside Vivian Riley cutting down the Doritto side, leaving Dane Carfoot and Yosh Naran to cause havoc down the snake, with Brendan Dennis not holding back and rushing down the Doritto side to take the final kills. Dynamix ended up beating Xplicit 3-2 with one minute left on the clock. It was a epic battle!!

Craig Marley (Dynamix Team Captain)

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