Ironmen weekend with the Walkons

This past weekend, some of the Ironmen got back to their roots and took to the fields at SC Village.  With so many new faces on the roster, what better way to get to know each other better than by playing some paintball.  Being on a pro team can be extremely grueling during a training weekend, so to give the boys a break, they played alongside the advanced walk-ons and even played some speedball with some rookies.

Most of the Ironmen dressed in Dye Tactical Gear showed up with smiles on their faces.  Mike Paxson brought some of his family members to Saturday’s “Fun” Day.  Even “Trucker Billy” showed up to play.  Eric Humphreys, Ryan Collette, Brandon Short, and Justin “LJ” Schwarz all played recreational paintball.  Ryan, LJ, and Mike all had nostalgic moments, but for young Eric Humphreys, he didn’t have many old stories to tell.  Even Brandon Short never really got his start playing at SC Village’s walk-on fields, but from the “Fun” vest Brandon was wearing, he definitely showed that he was having a great time.

The Ironmen didn’t make any introductions to anyone they were playing alongside by indicating the fact that they were professional tournament players.  Instead, they invited rookies to play with them.  For instance, LJ took the time to break the players into teams and played 5-on-5 games on SC Village’s Lego field.  After playing a handful of back-to-back games, LJ was impressed with one of the rookies and called him “John Wayne”; this kid had a great shot.  As we were walking away from the Lego field, the kid asked, “Who were those guys?”  I said, “Ironmen,” and he gasped, saying, “Woh,” and rushed over to his buddies to share the discovery.

After being at SC Village for 6 hours, it was time to pack it up.  The Ironmen went home after rejuvenating their paintball spirits, remembering that reason why they even started playing paintball in the first place.

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