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Cousins Paintball Dallas will be featured on an episode of A&E’s Storage Wars Texas !

Monday, March 19th, 2012


Cousins Paintball in Forney Texas will appear on the A&E show “Storage Wars.” Here is a chance for you to check out their facility in Texas and to see the sport we all know and love highlighted on TV. The show will air 10 EST. Check your local listings for more info!
This show will highlight products from Dye and our friends over at Cousins Paintball.

Cousins Paintball Dallas will be featured on an episode of A&E’s Storage Wars Texas !
9pm CST / 10pm EST.
Dish channel 118 and Direct TV 265





Register for the Mid South X-Ball League

Monday, March 19th, 2012


The MSXL is proud to announce the 2012 Season Sponsors. The MSXL has grown to be one of the Nations top Regional Championship Series as a PSP Affiliate. Our ability to provide top caliber events with some of the best divisional competition anywhere and keep the teams cost of participation remarkably low is a direct result of Industry Sponsorship and Support.

Registration is over capacity for the season opener though spots still remain as all teams have not paid. Get your entry paid to assure your teams participation. Registration closes Monday March 19.


Our Strategic Partners for 2012

RaceTo X Divisional Sponsor
Planet Eclipse

2012 Approved Paint Vendors*
RPS, Empire, DXS, GI Sports

*Only paint allowed at MSXL Events for sale or use.

Thank you for playing the MSXL


Ferox Clinic At Scenario Field D-19 Gasselte Holland

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

When we arrived at the D-19 field we all grabbed our gear bags and headed to the clubhouse to get changed. Since several of our players play with Dyecam it was great to test it out in the woods. There were already a bunch of scenario players ready to hit the field. After we got ready to hit the field we showed off the Rail, Reflex and DM12. Hidde answered any questions about the markers and explained the differences about the 3 models. Some scenario players now own a Reflex or Rail and were very enthusiastic about it!

Now it was time to hit the field and show the scenario players that these markers are worth every penny! Ferox was divided in 2 and joined the 2 teams.  Most of the Ferox players had not seen this field so it was very cool play that first game! We only played on a small piece of the field because otherwise the field was just to big! There were several small buildings on the field and they kept the field as natural as it could be. No artificial created bunkers, just small hills, trees, small bridges and small building to hide. The fact that it was snowing made it even more fun!  The water was frozen so the ice could be used as well to create a nice ambush!

After we played several games on the supair field it was time to hang out with the scenario players, have a good lunch and help players to tech there markers if necessary. Because there was enthusiasm for a group picture We made a group picture with the Ferox players and scenario players of D19. Then it was time to play some more games before the day came to an end! It was very cool for us to play some woods, since we only play supair! We had a lot of fun at D19 Gasselte, the people were really hospitable and friendly. We will definitely be playing some woodsball again at D19 when we get time for it!

We want to thank Bart, owner of D19 and Yilkee for his awesome photos of this day!

Team Ferox Rotterdam
Supported by PB Supplies
D19 site

Sao Paulo Brazil Survives Mike Paxson

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

Mike Paxson of the LA Ironmen flew down to Sao Paulo Brazil and met up with paintball team Mega Play at their home field. 40 players took part in the 2 day clinic starting on February 4th.  The first day focused on skills drills with the second day focusing on game situations.


Rain Delay

Saturday, March 10th, 2012

PSP is under a rain delay currently.



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