Justin Schwarz recaps PSP Phoenix

The Ironmen started practicing a few weeks ahead of Phoenix event. Our first practice was against a divisional team from San Jose called Royalty, which is led by former coach of the Ironmen Shane Pestana. They are a great team to practice as they have tons of young talent and will always attack.

We are starting to build chemistry between the new and old guys on the Ironmen and are working well together both on and off the field, creating a cohesive team. That’s the key to winning tournaments. If you have a solid team then you will be a very consistent, and become a dominant team.

The following weekend we had the opportunity to practice against Tampa Bay Damage for a solid 3 days of practice. Tampa Bay Damage is a great team to practice against, not only did they win several tournaments last year, but they have a team full of great players. We did pretty well against Tampa Bay Damage and I would say that we either split points all weekend or they beat us by a small margin.

Right after practice we started our 5 hour trek to Phoenix. Some of the Ironmen and myself went early to help set up the Paintball Access and Dye Paintball Truck.

Our first match in the PSP Galveston make-up games we drew Seattle Thunder and beat them to move onto the semi finals. Ironically we played Tampa Bay Damage to move on to play for 1st and 2nd. Unfortunately they prevailed and we were knocked out of the tournament with a 4th place finish

The PSP Phoenix Open came in the blink of an eye and we were off to a great start. The Ironmen have a history of not winning the first game and not only did we win the 1st game but we went 4-0 in the prelims to get the number 1 seed moving onto Sunday. Thankfully with the number 1 seat we had a bye which automatically put us into the top 4.

Our first match was against the Russian Legion. We felt that it was a great draw for us and we could definitely beat them. We had a great start and won the first point. Throughout the match the Ironmen received several major and minor penalties which cost us the match and we 7-5. I felt that we made many small mental errors which added up to a loss.

Now that we have a few weeks off from practice some of us are off to play tournaments with different teams all around the world. Make sure to follow my fan page to see when I am going to be at a field near you! My fan page is Justin “LJ” Schwarz. Thanks for all of the continued support and be sure to watch the LA Ironmen this year! #SHOOTKILLWIN

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