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Congratulations to Marseille Vision for their 1st place finish

Monday, April 9th, 2012




So I jump on a painfully early flight to Marseille for my first event with Marseille Vision, I’m not sure how it will work out playing on a French team, but I’m looking forward to it. I flew out there a few days early to get some training in with my new team and also to try and learn their codes, figure out the way they work and maybe a little French too.

Day 1: We were able to train with London Nexus and TonTons at the TonTons field near Marseille. Training went great, we took a lot of points off both teams and we were able to try a lot of moves out that seemed to be working. It was very strange to train against Nexus as I still consider them as my team and I still work closely with them before events. I was happy for Vision but I was also thinking about how to help Nexus work better and try to help them as the day went on. But all in all training went great and it was fun.

Day 2: We trained again, this time with two other teams (who I forget the name of) this was another cool day training with a lot of points won by us. So going into the event the team seemed confident and strong. I already felt like a part of the team, which is sometimes tough when you are not with the team as much as you would normally like. I was definitely happy about joining Vision for the millennium events.

Day 3: Event day, and we had two matches to play.
First match was against Copenhagen PB club; this was a team I have not heard of before, but was told they play very strong and were going to give us a tough match. We dominated the points from the break and it ended in a 4-1 win to Vision.

Great start, and the team was playing strong.

2nd match was against Amsterdam Heat 2; this was a quick match for us and we walked away with a 4-0 win. The team was buzzing as we had made it thourgh to Sunday already.

Day 4: We only had one match and it was against Ronins, this was also a quick match ending 4-1 to Vision.
We had made it though to Sunday with the best point spread in the whole division, the team was on a high but for me the tourney was only just getting started. Our first match on Sunday was against Freestyle Moscow who had two of the LA Ironmen and one US Pro on their roster, so this was going to be a true test to see how good the team was playing.

Day 5: We started off Sunday with a bang and beating Freestyle Moscow 4-0! Everything was working great the new Dye CG paint was incredible. Everyone on the team was playing really well. After that match a good friend of mine told me we would win this event, and I was starting to believe this myself too. We then went on to beating empire Venice 4-0 in the semi finals. We were going into the Final against Dogs D’Amour having only dropped 2 points all weekend.

Dogs D’Amour were having a solid event too, with Chad George and Justin Cornell both playing well. It was a great match with the early points going back and forth but we pushed it up a notch and took a 4-2 win!

Winning is the greatest feeling, and I’m proud to be part of Vision to take their first Millennium event win since 2005. Our DM12s were effortlessly shooting the new DYE CG Paint ball-on-ball all weekend, without doubt that was a huge factor in our performance.

What a week and what a team. Lets hope we can take our form to the next event as it’s my goal to get Vision back to pro for the 2013 season.


Paintball Access Stats

Friday, April 6th, 2012




The story behind the stats



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Congratulations to the Toulouse TonTon’s for their 3rd place finish

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

MPL opener: TJ All Stars Win big with DYE

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

The Mexican Paintball League opened the 2012 season in Tijuana  this year. The event was held in a local stadium for the city’s pro baseball team, on the beautiful outfield grass.  It was a fun event with some local So-Cal teams crossing the border to compete against their Mexican counter parts.

In the open Div it came down to SD Reign vs. TJ All Stars. In a close match from start to finish TJ All Stars edged out Reign for the championship. The All Stars were not the only DYE team to take the podium at the MPL’s Opener. Jackal PB, Naughty PB, and Cheleros & Co.  all finished strong on Sunday.  Congratulations to all the teams the competed in this past weekend’s MPL event, and thank you to the MPL for hosting a great event.

Palm Beach Vipers take CFPS

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

The Palm Beach Vipers showed up to the CPS last weekend ready to play. Vipers had three top 4 finishes over the weekend, including first place in D4 race to 4

Central Florida Paintball hosted the CFPS and proved once again why they are the best league in Florida for armature teams to compete in. DYE would like to Congratulate the Palm Beach Vipers for an amazing showing at CFPS event #2.

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