Team DRX wins MY-NPL 2012 Event 2 – Melaka, Malaysia

Melaka, Malaysia

Here we are, back in the historical city of Melaka for Event 2 of the MY-NPL 2012 (Malaysian National Paintball League). Located on top of a shopping complex right in the middle of the city, the venue is a favorite among paintball players. On top of that, turf grass!

The whole team has been anticipating this event because it is our first event shooting the brand new Dye Paintball DM12′s and sporting the new lightweight C12 gear. On top of the new gear, the Team DRX is riding the momentum from winning the MY-NPA Event 1 tournament and another local event. Needless to say, the team is pumped up and warmed up for some serious paintball!

We started off the day with a tough win (3-1) against Killswitch (Australia), which proved to set the pace for the games to come. After 5 grueling games, we managed to finish the prelims on top of the table, giving the team a well-deserved rest for the Semi Final. There, we would once again face the Australian team, Killswitch…

Following the most inspiring Pep talk of Pep talks, we brought our A game and managed to hold off the gutsy Australians to win 4-0.

The final game of the tournament sees Team DRX squares off another Australian team….Team Perth Crisis! As a rematch of the Division 1 finals at the first event, both teams are determined to finish on top! In the end, Team DRX gave it all and swept aside Perth Crisis with lightning fast attacks from all 3 fronts to gain a 4-0 winning margin! What a FINALE!

KK (Captain, Team DRX)

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