Adventure Games in New Hampshire

AG Paintball was started in 1988 as “Adventure Games” and has been a
paintball park ever since! Only a few short miles from where the original
game was played in 1981, AG Paintball has roots in the paintball community.
With 30 acres and 11 playing fields, AG Paintball is the largest and most
developed paintball park in New Hampshire.

The fully stocked pro-shop specializes in Dye product and is supported by a
combined forty years of paintball experience in its retail employees and
technicians. They have what you need to play, and know how to fix it when it
inevitably goes down.

Field amenities are top-notch featuring self-service 3000 and 4500psi
stations, covered staging areas equipped with grills and picnic tables,
digital check-in system, full range of products from every manufacturer, and
high quality field paint.

AG Paintball prides itself in its dedication to paintball players at every
level. Whether you’re Johnny ‘come once’ rental player, Joe ‘weekend
warrior’ paintball, or Tommy ‘tourny-balla’ pro, you’re going to have a
blast at AG Paintball.

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