Billy Wing at CCP in Cali, Colombia

Man does time go by fast…
It has already been 2 weeks since I made it back from Cali, Colombia for the second CCP event. It’s been over a year since my last trip to Colombia and I was excited to see my friends from Low Profile, Wild Dogs, Way Out, Tsunami, and all the other teams that compete in the CCP. Colombia has a good size tournament scene. With more and more US players making the trip to compete and teach, as well as Colombian teams starting to travel and compete in the US, the playing level has really begun to advance. The CCP is a great event series because they cater to the teams so well. Each team is assigned its own designated staging area. And the field is well run with games staying on time pretty much all weekend. The CCP is also very selective with the venues they choose. Good food, and beer sponsors were brought in, and large pool was open to the players to relax in after their games.

Normally I spend my event hunched over a table providing tech support for players, but this trip I was lucky enough that Low Profile, one of DYE’s sponsored teams in COL had room on the roster for me. So in between gun repairs I was able to jump on the field and play. I have to admit the language barrier got the best of me when I was not able to understand the refs the first day, and ended up with a penalty or two. Low Profile and I ended up in third for the event. On Sunday the finals came down to a match-up between another DYE team, Wild Dogs and Tsunami, stacked with Guest players from one of DYE’s sponsored teams in Ecuador. Tsunami scored the first point in a long drawn out game. After that the pressure was on Wild Dogs to score again before game time ran out. But Tsunami’s defense was wired tight this weekend and they were able to hold off the hard pounding attack of the dogs for the final 2 min, and win the Tournament.

I want to thank Fast Ducks and Low Profile for the amazing hospitality they showed me on my visit to Cali. And thank you to the CCP for thinking or all the little details that made for a great event. I hope to be back in August for the next event to try and take the title from Tsunami.

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