Dynamix win the Pink Open 2012 with Dye CG paintballs!!

Dynamix win the Pink Open 2012 with Dye CG paintballs!!

Dynamix from South Africa are one of Dye’s flagship teams and have been on a winning streak this year by shooting Dye CG paintballs through their DM12′s! The team took first place at the first 2 events in the GPPL series and recently won the Pink Open. Craig Marley from Dynamix gave us a run down from the event:

Pink Open was another great event hosted by Blades and Trigger in Boksburg, South Africa. These guys really know how to host an event, giving away R30 000 in prize money, the biggest cash prize ever in South African paintball history.

We had a bit of a rocky start to the morning, as no one had played the field and we were still seeing which field plans worked and which did not, but we picked it up straight after the first game and then Dynamix basically dominated the rest of the day only dropping 3 points in total all day. We met fellow Dye sponsored team, Lordz in the final and started off very strong winning 3 consecutive points, we dropped 1 point to them but then came back to close the game off with a 5-1 win thanks to the help of DYE CG paint which shot great the whole event.

All in all it was an awesome day for paintball and a fun event with a lot of great teams taking part. We would like to say a big thank you to DYE for the amazing gear that never lets you down, Blades and Triggers for everything they do for us and thanks to the Smuts family. Also thanks to all our supporters for never letting us down and for always being willing to help.

Photos courtesy of Haydn

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