South American Circuit Paintball – Argentina Recap

The CSP (South American Circuit Paintball), now an affiliate of PSP(Paintball Sports Promotions), had a great start with their first event in Argentina on March 17 and 18. On Friday, APPA CEO Christopher Raehl began collecting photos and information of players, a task that went into the late night and throughout the next day.


Being the first event in Argentina, teams from all over South America gathered together to play Paintball. A total of 26 teams hailing from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela competed in 3 categories, Open, Amateur and Novice.


Congratulations to the winners of the first CSP Event.



1 – LOD

2 – Moonwalkers

3 – Shinnigami



1 – Verdugos

2 – Dark Blast

3 – Hellcife



1 – El Clan

2 – Gamma

3 – LOD Army

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