TPOC 2012 leg, report from Infernal

TPOC or Thailand Paintball Official Circuit started in 2010, its aim is to improve the standard of paintball tournaments and paintballers in Thailand, Infernal has been a part of this tournament from the start. TPOC 2012 leg 2 was at CAT paintball Pattaya, June 16-17. There are two divisions, D1 race to 3 and D2 race to 2.

The games for division one started in the afternoon. We had no problem with the first game against Tylinol as the score ended at 3-0. The second game was with Expendible which consisted of players from demons, CMX and Xtioneer. The team is formed with players from many teams, their game plan seemed a little sloppy. We won that game 3-0 and that was the first day for us. As the first day ended our Pattaya night life started.

The second day we started early in the morning. We encountered a few hiccups against Macdev hellbourn as we had a lot of 1-4-1 but still, we managed to end it with the score of 3-2 moving on to semi final against Expendible. They figured out our game plan early and we still had problems with 1-4-1′s. It was not an easy match but the score ended in our favor at 3-2. Macdev Hellbourn moved on to the final as well after a match against Tylinol, where Tylinol pushed the towel buzzer by accident at the last point. Macdev hellbourn have a lot of young players who are hungry for a win and they all have been to an Infernal clinic as well. We decided that changing of game plan would let us win easily, so that’s what we did and we beat them 3-1. Throughout the tournament we were very confident with our equipment as our DM12s were working absolutely brilliant.

I like to take this opportunity to thanks our sponsors pro paintball for paint, Dye for the great gear and Cat paintball Pattaya.


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