Grammaton Clerics still top of D2 after 4th Leg MPOC 2012

Coming out fresh from the Malaysian Open and with ample study of the layout, MPOC Leg 4 was set to be a great outing. Again held at Xtion Paintball Park in Bukit Jalil where the facility is the traditional grounds for the league.

We came into this event leading the division and if we become champions it would seal the title for us with one leg remaining. That was the goal but still a big part of it was to have fun.

During the prelims We dropped only 4 points in the 6 games we played in the race to 3 format. This made us qualify for Sunday in a revised Round Robin Semi-Final, on Sunday we faced teams Demonz Hitt, Simpsons and Votolocos.

The match with Demonz Hitt was indeed tough with the layout in reality being very technical. In fact many teams across divisions played to full game time with draws peppered across the score board. With that we drew with Demonz Hitt, won against Simpsons and Votolocos. Top 2 of the round robin secured their place in the finals while the bottom 2 matched-up for 3rd and 4th finals.

Thus we meet again with Votolocos in the finals. However this time we were not so lucky as we dragged the game to a draw in regulation time that forced the deciding point to be played in overtime. Votolocos took the point and we had to settle for 2nd place. Beaten this round but we could still keep our heads up. 2nd place still maintains us as divisional leaders of the D2 division. That is still a good cause for celebration, albeit a bit subdued. The final leg in September would not be any easier, but a win then would be even sweeter. Everyone can be rest assured that there is no way the Clerics are handing the championship on a silver platter with a ribbon on top to any team. They want it? They have to work for it… and work very very hard they must.

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