Hostile Intentions Update

Hostile Intentions have had a great start to the year. After 2 rounds of the Sydney Super Sevens we are currently tied for 1st place with Sydney Swat.

Round 3 commences on the 11th of August. The team has been training hard and is confident for a first place finish in round 3 – Super Sevens.

Tournament Updates

Super Sevens 2012 – Sydney

Current Ranking – Tied first place with Sydney Swat.

  • ¬ Round 1 Results – 1st Place
  • o 30 Points
  • ¬ Round 2 Results – 2nd Place
  • o 28 Points

Training Updates

Training is being conducted at our local paintball field Samford Paintball every fortnight. 30 to 40 players have been regularly turning up for training. These numbers have grown from an average of 20 players 2 to 3 months ago. New players are turning up to each training session.

The training field is setup as a full size Sup Air field. Some of the arrangements have been based on the tournaments held in Sydney. This gives new players a feel of a real tournament field and what they can expect when they start playing tournaments.

Skills and Drills

  • ¬ Correct Marker Setup;
  • ¬ Basic Marker Maintenance;
  • ¬ Correct Loading of Pods in Harnesses;
  • ¬ Field Layout – line of sight from all of the different field positions;
  • ¬ Snap Shooting;
  • ¬ 3 on 2 Player Drills – cross up firing training;
  • ¬ Left and Right Hand Shooting;
  • ¬ Running and Shooting;
  • ¬ Correct Breakout Positions;
  • ¬ Breakout Speed Drills;
  • ¬ Position Drills – Dorito V’s Snake V’s Large Can etc.

Hostile Intentions are looking forward to Round 3 in Sydney.

Thanks for your support. See you guys at the 50.

Nathan McDonnell.

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