Reaper Kidz take 1st at the SARPL

SARPL Event 4 was held at Paintball City this past weekend and saw the most 3 man teams we have seen in a long time. There were 20 teams in division 4, so it was not going to be easy. We set up our DYE tent first thing and started warming up, it was cold and tough but after a few good warm ups our blood was flowing and we were ready to play!

We played a few good teams in the qualifying round and we secured a spot in the semi finals. This seeded us against the previous champs FreeRunners, we made a few adjustments to our game plan from advice from elder Reaper players, and were victorious with a 2-1 score after two intense 1 on 1 battles.

In the finals we met Dark Legends which were looking very strong, new game plans were collaborated which led to our epic 2-0 victory. This is our first of many victories as the Reaper Kidz. Just want to say thanks to DYE, PAINTBALL CITY and the SARPL

Tristan Birch (15) , Reaper Kidz

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