International Paintball Tournament in Kaohsiung Taiwan on July 7th and 8th

The International Paintball Tournament in Kaohsiung Taiwan in July 7th, 8th was a great tournament.  Was held in beautiful Jhong Jheng Stadium. Probably the best field ever in Taiwan to have a paintball tournament.

Most teams arrived July 5th and check in into Kingdom Hotel, which is right next to the famous Love River in Kaohsiung , as teams arrived players gather at hotel lobby chatting with old buddies and friends, after check in, we decided to hit the bar beside the hotel.. catching up with teams and chat about the good old times and have a few bottles of whiskey of course.

Games started th first day around 9am and the sun was out along with the humid weather.  The event organizers had a shuttle bus from the Kingdom hotel to the field. Weather was super nice (if you like to sweat non stop) 37 degrees Celcius in the shade.  The tournament format is Race to 3, with 2 divisions.  Open division  which had a total of 4 teams and novice (mechanical marker) had a total of 6 teams. 2 teams from outside of Taiwan came to play the event one of them is a Dye team form Japan called Nitamago and a Malaysian Dye team DRX.  They had the traditional Taiwan paintball toournament opening ceromony and then games began.  Once games were under way you could hear teams talking about what they did right, who bunkered who and what they need to do to win their next match.   There were players who could not handle the heat but that will just make them tougher I the future or learn to drink more water.

The second started around 9am to everyones surprise because they did not put the schdule out until Sunday morning.  So you had a few players walking up to play at the same start time as the day before when some of their team member who were they are already playing a match.  It’s a very funny feeling when you walk up to the event and see that your supposed to be on the start gate playing.

The event went all day Sunday and teams got a lot of games in.  For a 10 team event to run 2 days you are guaranteed to get some paintball in.

The open division allowed the top 3 teams to make it to the final round (being only 4 teams to start) and they played a round robin format.  Murpheys law came into effect where each team had won a game and lost a game.  This sent the organizers into a little more work to find out who actually won that division.  Either way though everyone had fun and no one was seriously hurt.

The Novice division was were the real action was as these players are the future.  Seeing younger players get into the sport and play a Race2 style of game play was awesome.  The Novice players had a chance to see how players played at a higher level to this also allowed them to watch and learn what can and can’t be done on the paintball field.

The final results for the Taiwan International Event are;

Open Division

1st ST – Taiwan

2nd Nitamago – Japan, Dye Sponrosed team

3rd DRX – Malaysia, Dye Sponsored team

4th Sothern Legion – Taiwan

Novice Division


1st  KSVS – Taiwan

2nd A-LE – Taiwan

3rd EASY PLAY – Taiwan

4th Nang Kan High School – Taiwan

Thank you Dez for the images.

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