TK WASP Tournament series, write up by Devon

The event started off on a fresh morning with the temperature in the single digits. As I got to the field in the morning I had a tech table set up ready to help anyone with Dye or Proto markers and to make sure they were all fine tuned and ready for the day.  I had to do a bit of work on my own marker because I was given the opportunity to play with  teams that I could not turn down.

The TK WASP Tournament series has 2 divisions a Pro and Amateur division. Games are played as a standard 5 man to 1 point on a Race 2 field.  One thing that works out really well is that the level of play from the lower division teams is on the incline because at each event every team plays everyone regardless of division. Then they total up the points, find the winners of the 2 divisions and also overall placing.  This is great because the Am teams can really see where they stood against the Pros.

So in between fixing markers I was playing on a team in each division and got double the playing time which was not expected, playing with team STK in the pro division , a DYE sponsored team from Perth, Western Australia and also Wrecking Crew in the Am division. The event had a very laid back feel to with everyone just there to have fun and shoot each other.

After the day was done STK had won the event in the Pro division and Wrecking won the Am division and also finished third overall with all the teams combined.  Players in WA watch out for the Wrecking Crew as they will be a force to face as they keep training the way they have been.

WASP have excellent facilities from the paintball fields, 9 hole golf course, tennis courts, squash court and also a country club so when you finish your 9 holes of golf , and a day of paintball you can sit down and relax.  Order a few drinks and some food and recap the day with all the “war stories.”  The club house was where the trophy presentation took place and all the teams stuck around to hang out.  Unlike other events I have been to everyone stayed to watch the awards.  It was awesome and just showed that the event was based on having fun and making sure everyone was happy. There were some prizes donated by Dye to players who stood out and also to teams who earned it.

A big thank you to EVERYONE at WASP Paintball for always being a great host to myself and for putting on a great event.  If you have ever wanted to play an event in Western Australia I would suggest adding this event series to your list.
- Devon Stutz

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