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2012 PSP World Cup – Day 4 Recap

Saturday, October 27th, 2012

Another day, another incredible set of matches brought to us by the PSP &!

Saturday was crunch time, the last chance for teams to prove that they deserve to be competing for the coveted 2012 World Cup Champion title.  Two teams that are definitely in the hunt are the Los Angeles Ironmen and Tampa Bay Damage.  Both teams had close matches early in the day, with Ironmen squeezing out a win over Impact, hanging the winning flag with only 10 seconds left to spare.  Damage let their early game against XSV slip through their fingertips as XSV was able to upset them 3-2, but immediately stole their momentum back when they squared off against the Ironmen and won convincingly 6-1.

Off the field, the Dye booth tried something new & fun at this event, a ‘Polaroid Pics with the Pros’ session at the official Dye Photo Wall.  Proffesional players from the Ironmen, CEP and Damage were snapping pics for hours with their fans who all got to take home the photo and get them signed by their favorite players.

Enjoy the Saturday photo gallery, log on to for the pristine webcast live from the event, and get ready for an exciting day of PSP Paintball tomorrow!


Ironmen vs. Infamous – 8:00 am

Damage vs. (TBD) – 11:50 am

2012 PSP World Cup Recap – Day 3

Saturday, October 27th, 2012

Day 3 was full of excitement (and an unexpected wind storm) for the hundreds of teams and thousands of spectators at the 2012 PSP World Cup.  The pressure is on as teams are now fighting to move past the prelims and get in position to “#winworldcup.”

Two teams that definitely have a chance to go all the way are Tampa Bay Damage and the Los Angeles Ironmen.  Yet to lose a point at this event, the Ironmen have put up 14 unanswered points so far in the pro division, taking down Upton 187 cRew 7-0 today.  Sporting the brand new Ultralite playing gear, DM13′s, i4′s & Rotors, both Damage and Ironmen were able to keep their undefeated streaks and continue to dominate in the Pro division at this event.

Always willing to support their fans, the Dye booth hosted a massive poster signing and jersey giveaway for Los Angeles Ironmen.  Over 200 posters and 30 Ironmen jerseys were given away to the always loyal LA Ironmen fans from around the world!

We’ve got two more days of action left at this incredible event, so stay tuned for more photos here and tune in to to watch the best in the world compete at the 2012 PSP World Cup!

Saturday Game Schedule:

Ironmen vs Impact 11:30am

Damage vs XSV 12:15pm

CEP vs Aftershock 2:30pm

Damage vs Ironmen 3:15pm

2012 PSP World Cup – Day 2 Recap

Friday, October 26th, 2012

Games have officially begun at the 2012 PSP World Cup, and the new DM13′s, Ultralite Pants/Jerseys, and C13 are looking fresh!

Tampa Bay Damage and Los Angeles Ironmen got off to a great start today, both winning their matches convincingly.  Damage took down Upton 187 cRew 7-3 and the Ironmen breezed through Seattle Thunder 7-0.

The real story of the day was Chattanooga CEP, as they came out STRONG against two very tough opponents, Moscow Red Legion and X-Factor.  CEP had the advantage on the Russians early, keeping the game close at 3-3.  Penalties unfortunately took the wind out of their sails, and they struggled to keep up their momentum, eventually losing 3-7.  Again versus X-Factor, CEP was able to get off to a great 2-2 start, but couldn’t stay consistent and lost 2-7.  CEP that they are able to compete with some of the toughest teams in paintball, but their inability to stay consistent late in matches is keeping them from making their first Sunday appearance after entering the pro division.

In the afternoon, there was a massive line outside of the Dye Booth for all of the fangs from around the world who wanted to snag some free posters and T-Shirts from Tampa Bay Damage.  The star-studded team is always happy to show their fans love, and will be doing multiple signings throughout the event!

Tomorrow we’ve got a full line up of games, with Damage taking on Thunder, CEP playing Houston Heat, and Ironmen against Upton 187 cRew late in the afternoon.  Be sure to tune in to to check out the matches live via the most professional webcast in paintball, hosted by Matty Marshall & co.

2012 PSP World Cup – Day 1 Recap

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

After 10+ days of set up, endless piles of cinder blocks, 2×4′s and boxes filled to the brim with brand new 2013 gear, the Dye Paintball and Dye Tactical compound is finally complete and ready to showcase our new products to the paintball world!

With so much new gear to showcase, only a booth this big could truly display what Dye has to offer for the 2013 season.  On the tactical side we’ve got DAM’s for days, racks of accessories and cosmetic upgrades, all the soft goods and protective gear a scenario paintball player could ask for, and a full line of cutting edge tactical products all under one roof.  If tournament paintball is more your style, our brand new DM13 and Reflexes are sure to catch your eye, and the brand new line of Ultralite Jerseys and Pants are a must see for any paintball player eager to step up their game.  There’s also a fresh set of i4 lenses to choose from, hot new i4 goggle and rotor color ways, the C13 series of pants and jerseys, tons of new casual gear, and the list goes on.

If you’re at the 2012 PSP World Cup, stop by the Dye booth, test out a DAM at our own personal firing range, browse our massive line of paintball products and soft goods, or just come say hey to our pro players, celebrity employees, and friendly staff.  World cup has just begun, and Dye is more than excited to be a part of such an incredible event.  Stay tuned for player and team updates, in-depth looks at our new 2013 gear, and announcements about World Cup contests and giveaways!

Incredible Turnout for 2012 PSP World Cup

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

The PSP World Cup is pleased to announce an incredible turnout for 2012, with over 350 teams competing traveling from all over the world to compete in a variety of different formats and divisions.

Here’s a message from the PSP about their biggest paintball tournament of the year:

“Destroying attendance records from any tournament in recent years, the PSP is expecting over 350 teams (a huge increase from the impressive 2011 World Cup) to compete in next week’s PSP World Cup.

These teams are traveling to central Florida from 38 different countries to play in at least one of the many formats PSP is diversifying the championship event with. Formats include traditional 10-man, Pump, UWL Woodsball, NCPA College Paintball and last but not least the international-favorite, PSP’s very own “RaceTo”.

Showing strength in numbers, PSP has had a consistent amount of high-caliber teams competing at each of their 5 events across the nation this season. Never dropping below triple digits, a complete list of 2012 PSP team counts shows growth in all markets. Galveston Island: 150 Teams Phoenix Open: 114 Teams Chicago Open: 155 Teams Mid-Atlantic Open: 130 Teams World Cup: 350 Teams Expected!

PSP COO, Lane Wright is very proud of these numbers. “We worked incredibly hard the last few years to push this league forward and are extremely happy to see all the hard work being appreciated. We owe gratitude to the those teams that have signed up to play in the biggest event of the year… it’s going to be a blast!”

PSP has invested a great amount of time and resources in supporting a true affiliate program of regional RaceTo leagues across the world. These leagues and the teams who support them have used the PSP format, rules and classifications all season long with the end-goal to compete against the best teams in the nation as they strive to #WinWorldCup. Each team is listed in the PSP World Rankings and is competing for the PSP World Series Championship. An incredible 97,000 plus fan base through social networks Facebook ( and Twitter ( has sky-rocketed this season as promotions increased through the addition of the free, live webcast of PSP events.

Paintball Access keeps the fans engaged between events as well with weekly segments such as Scouting Reports, The Real Deal with Matty Marshal and The Hot Seat. Fans closely follow player statistics broken down by categories such as “Win Rating”, “Survival Rating” and “Penalty Rating”.

The PSP would like to thank the Polk County Sports Commission for their help with World Cup, as well as the thousands of loyal customers who kept paintball alive through the recession by playing paintball, supporting their local fields and competing in their regional leagues.

We are looking forward to an amazing event at Fantasy of Flight in Polk City, Florida next week and invite you to either cheer from the stands of the Pro Field or from the couch in your living room as you watch the live webcast from More information on the event can be found at”

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