Vipers Series – Valencia Wrap Up

Viper series – Valencia, Venezuela

Sep 27-30

Div 2, 3, 4


Last weekend the Viper series hosted their 3rd event in Valencia, Venezuela. The event was held at the city’s international sports complex, a massive venue with dramatic mountains that made for an inspiring back drop for the event.

Despite a bit of rain, the tournament was a great success. Running a PSP Race format, the teams in all three Divisions got plenty of games in over the four day event.  The competition was well matched in all the divisions, and the spectators had no shortage of good paintball to watch. Even with the wet weather, plenty of fans crowded the side lines to watch the games all weekend.

The finals in Division 2 saw DYE team Fusion take first place over the Rangers. LLuvia Negra, another DYE team rounded off the top 3.  DYE team Shockwave Dominated Division 3 by only losing 2 points the entire event and decisively earning the championship over the Destroyers.

Congrats to all the teams that competed this past weekend. And thanks to the Viper series and referees for all the hard work to make the event such a big success!




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