WOLF Announced as General for Living Legends 6

Dye Tactical is excited to announce that Andre “WOLF” Critchlow will be a General this year at Living Legends 6!

Living Legends is one of the largest paintball games of the year, drawing in over 2,000 players from around the world.  After a victory two years ago at Living Legends 4, WOLF has been chosen to represent the New Empire team in 2013′s battle against The Horde.

For more information on Living Legends visit www.LivingLegendsofPaintball.com

Date: May 17-19, 2013

Address: CPX Sports – 2903 Schweitzer Road, Joliet, IL 60436 - 815.726.2800

Websites: LivingLegendsofPaintball.com // DyeTactical.com  // CPXSports.com  // YouTube.com/DreWolf

Social: Instagram @DYEPaintball // @DYETactical // @WOLFPaintball

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