Dye Tactical Friday Giveaway Winner – 4/1/13

Thanks to everyone who participated in Dye Tactical’s first ever Friday Giveaway! ¬†Many more to come on Facebook.com/DyeTacitcal

This week we wanted to know – “What’s your favorite vest + accessory combo?”

Chris Arnold gave us a great setup with explanations on why he chose each item:

“That vest you have there would do the job, but for my dream vest I would have to go with :
- Tac Vest Alpha (because of all that molle goodness.)
- Admin Pouch (for easy proof of elite player and for dropping your calling cards on the players you put into a dirt nap.)
- Tank Pouch (to hold your precious 48ci 4500psi Throttle tank.)
- Clip Pouch Double (for holding those sweet DAM 20 Round Mags, that your going to use to pick off unsuspecting players with your First Strike Rounds.)
- Dump Pouch (because even the trained Dye Tactical Elite need cookies in the field to keep them nurished!)
- Assault Molle Pod Holder 3+4 (got to have that quick release velcro straping for those hairy situations. Aint nobody got time to unbuckle!)
- Insulated Grenade Pouch (because I love to cook my grenades!)
- Unit Patch Pack (because maybe your bored of being a sniper and want to be where the real actions at with the Infantry.)
- Attack Pack Pro ( for holding more of that liquid gold Dye CG paintballs and besides you’ve grown fond of the name “Ammo Wagon”.)

All of the above is Dye Cam. ”

Love that setup Chris!  Enjoy your Dye Tactical Package.

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