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Congrats to WCPPL Event #1 Winners – Camp Pendleton Paintball Park

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

March 30-31, 2013

West Coast Paintball Players League (WCPPL) Event #1, hosted by Camp Pendleton Paintball Park, was a major success on all fronts. Mike Hinman is perfecting the art of hosting a local paintball tournament, and with over 40 teams coming in from all over the West Coast, it’s safe to say all the teams that came out got exactly what they were hoping for.

Dye would like to congratulate ALL of the teams that won stacks of cash at the event using Dye CG Paintballs!


-1st Place: Fast Five

-2nd Place: LA Collision

D3 X-Ball

-1st Place: Fuzion 707

-2nd Place: IE Unseen

-3rd Place: SoCal Grind

D4 X-Ball

-2nd Place: Gnarkill


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Damage Wins 2nd at PSP Dallas with Dye CG!

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

The debut of Dye CG at the PSP Dallas Open was a major success, giving teams Like Tampa Bay Damage, the Los Angeles Ironmen, Chattanooga CEP, and Toulouse TonTon the edge they needed to make the podium and the newly unveiled Champions Division for 2013.

We’d also like to congratulate Gainesville Gridiron (4th in D2X), Team Dallas Jets (2nd in D3X), Dallas Ducks (2nd in D3 5-Man), RGV Nemesis (4th in D4X), and North Texas Shockwave (1st in D4 5-Man) for representing Dye CG on Sunday.

IF YOUR TEAM IS INTERESTED IN SHOOTING DYE CG AT MAO -Please send an e-mail to to receive exclusive PSP pricing and to become eligible for our Podium Program.

Dye Tactical Friday Giveaway Winner – 4/1/13

Monday, April 1st, 2013

Thanks to everyone who participated in Dye Tactical’s first ever Friday Giveaway! ¬†Many more to come on

This week we wanted to know – “What’s your favorite vest + accessory combo?”

Chris Arnold gave us a great setup with explanations on why he chose each item:

“That vest you have there would do the job, but for my dream vest I would have to go with :
- Tac Vest Alpha (because of all that molle goodness.)
- Admin Pouch (for easy proof of elite player and for dropping your calling cards on the players you put into a dirt nap.)
- Tank Pouch (to hold your precious 48ci 4500psi Throttle tank.)
- Clip Pouch Double (for holding those sweet DAM 20 Round Mags, that your going to use to pick off unsuspecting players with your First Strike Rounds.)
- Dump Pouch (because even the trained Dye Tactical Elite need cookies in the field to keep them nurished!)
- Assault Molle Pod Holder 3+4 (got to have that quick release velcro straping for those hairy situations. Aint nobody got time to unbuckle!)
- Insulated Grenade Pouch (because I love to cook my grenades!)
- Unit Patch Pack (because maybe your bored of being a sniper and want to be where the real actions at with the Infantry.)
- Attack Pack Pro ( for holding more of that liquid gold Dye CG paintballs and besides you’ve grown fond of the name “Ammo Wagon”.)

All of the above is Dye Cam. ”

Love that setup Chris!  Enjoy your Dye Tactical Package.

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