Billy Wing Reports on CCP #3 in Medellin, Colombia

CCP Medellin, Colombia

by: Billy Wing

Photos by: 100% Piantball

Last month I had the opportunity to travel with my Fiancée Melissa to one of the most beautiful cities in the world, at least in my opinion, Medellin, Colombia. To be honest I have fallen in love with Colombia as a whole. The picturesque Mountains, mild climate, great food, and close friends make it one of our favorite countries to visit. As a bonus, the PSP affiliate league, the CCP hosts top notch national events, which is the excuse I used to justify the trip.

The CCP hosted their third event of the year at the Los Caballos Bar just outside of Medellin. The location was so nice. The field and staging area were under a giant shade canopy so even during the midday sun you were always under shade and comfortable. 100 feet away was the Los Caballos Bar, a western restaurant that had an amazing menu, specifically their steaks. Many players found themselves trying to play with a stomach way too full of steak, and maybe a beer or two.

The event hosted 33 teams. More teams were begging to compete but to ensure a quality event that did not run late the team count had to be capped. The tournament had a host of special guests including the LA Ironmen’s Marcello Margott, and players from other top US pro teams such as Dynasty, Infamous, and DMG, as well as Industry figures Tony Perez and Chris Reahl.  If 10 top names in paintball make the time in their non-stop schedule to travel down to this event, you know I am not the only one who loves Colombia, and the CCP is doing things right.

The CCP barrowed the PSP Riverside field layout, which if you were in Riverside or watched the webcast, it is a fast field layout. The reffing staff was headed by Dan Perez, who did fantastic job keeping the play clean and fair. Thank you Dan for the hard work, and home made Guacamole Saturday night.

Every trip down to Latin America I see a noticeable improvement in skill level and talent. The teams just keep getting better and better. And there was no better example of this than in the Finals on Sunday. The grandstands were out of control for the final match as the game went back and forth between the San Diego Dynasty, and local Colombia team Way-out. Way-Out, using DYE guns and gear played with a tremendous amount of national pride and support, but ended up losing the very close match by only one point to possibly the top team in the world this year, Dynasty.

In the end I cannot say enough about this event and the effort the CCP put into their tournaments. I also want to thank the Duque family for being wonderful hosts, and making my fiancée Melissa and I feel so welcome and at home. We can’t wait to plan our next trip down to Colombia.


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