Aisawan takes 1st at PALS Thailand!

We, AISAWAN Team, joined PALS THAILAND tournament 2014. We are expecting a high achievement since we got only 2nd place and 4th place in the last two times before. Those experiences pushed us to work harder, spent more time practicing and planning strategy.

Also we got 4 championships from another tournament previously, therefore it quite encouraged our teammates to do the best for PALS tournament this year.

First round, did not go well, but it wasn’t too late. We adjusted our strategy and made improvements. It was rewarded in the next round, on and on, until finally we made it. Championship was our achievement as expected for all of our hard work!

This made our 5th championship of this year. We are looking forward and won’t stop for another chance to complete for Aisawan’s legend and glory!

Thank you to ‘Dye’, for our great equipment support all along.




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