"DYE Paintball team, Los Angeles Ironmen, have our first team training for the 2019 NXL Chicago OpenIn a game of milliseconds with variables that can change within minutes, being a professional paintball athlete is more than just doing what you’re supposed to. The 2019 LA Ironmen know this better than most. We are one of the last remaining complete industry supported paintball teams in the game - backed by DYE Paintball. Training for the 2019 Chicago Open didn't begin when the layout was released, like it does for most people. Our training started after underperforming in the 2019 Philadelphia Open.

Winning is a goal that very few people achieve. The Los Angeles Ironmen have won and will win again. It’s in our DNA. Winning is ingrained within the fabric of our mentality. A mentality that’s protected and has been proven with the years of innovation behind DYE and the confidence the gear provides. Winning is a confirmation of work. Work that has been achieved, processed and analyzed from the day your dream was formulated. Work ethic is a trait that some have, but very few sharpen into an obsession of consistency.

Our first weekend of the Chicago Open training showcased why the LA Ironmen will win again. We’re charging the game for unapproved overtime. The Ironmen of today are building on the legacy of the DYE Paintball franchise. During the training, every member of the Shield was able to showcase the work we have been putting in from the beginning of our careers. Developing a deeper understanding of our sport by being level-headed and understanding the only way to the top is by constantly learning. When you think you know it all, that's the moment you open the door for others to catch up. Every single teammate showed true commitment to our collective goal, which allowed us to utilize our time in the most efficient way possible. Having a leader like Todd Martinez is crucial to being successful and understanding that time is the currency we converted over from our blood and sweat. Gathering our intelligence and athleticism, we are able to be directed towards a focal point...winning."

- Thomas Kim of LA Ironmen