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Super 7s – MASTERS

Tuesday, January 6th, 2015

21 – 23 November saw Action Paintball Games Sydney hold the final round of the Super 7s Series aka Masters. I’ve said it before: If you’re going to win any event of the Series this is the one you want to win.

A handful of international guests were brought over for this final round. Sydney SWAT had Justin Cornell from Edmonton Impact; Uprising, a Canberra based team, brought over Justin Schwarz; and Sydney Explicit hosted Marcello Margott from LA Ironmen as well as Devon Stutz.

Going into this event we knew that if we wanted to win the Round and the Championship we couldn’t afford any mistakes as only 4 points separated STK, Sydney SWAT and us. On Saturday our first game of the prelims was against Sydney SWAT. This was good as both teams were fresh and hadn’t had time to feel out the field layout. Both teams came out swinging and SWAT took a 2 point lead. Quickly regrouping we were able to fight our way back to a 3-3 draw. Not the start we wanted but it wasn’t a loss. Our next match was against STK. Also another tuff match for us as both teams did not want to take a loss into the next round. After some intense gun fighting and close points we were able to take the win 3-2. Our next 2 matches were against Shenanigans and Eastside Raw. We finished these matches off strong taking 4-1 and 4-0 victories, respectively. Our final match for the day was against Sydney Explicit. Explicit had Marcello and Devon playing for them and they hadn’t suffered a loss all day. This was to be the hardest match of the day as whoever won this would end up 1st at the end of Saturday’s play. The game itself was tough with both teams digging in early as no one wanted to give the opposition the upper hand. After a few close calls we secured a 3-2 win. This put us in a great position going into day 2.

We were feeling pretty confident going into Sunday’s matches. We were up against NZ Clown Monkeys, Uprising and Relentless. We were able to take 4-0 wins against Clown Monkeys and Relentless. Uprising, on the other hand, gave us a good run for our money. It was a close match but we were still able to get ahead with a 3-2 victory. This ended the prelims and we were sitting in 1st place. Sydney SWAT were in 2nd, Sydney Explicit in 3rd and STK were in 4th positions going into the finals.

As the final for 3rd and 4th between Sydney Explicit and STK was played before our final we didn’t get to watch any of that game. Instead, we were going over game plans and finalising everything for our match against Sydney SWAT. However, we did hear of the outcome with Sydney Explicit taking 3rd place and STK 4th place.

The Final
Knowing the result of the 3rd/4th playoffs, the Final was set to be huge! This now meant whoever won the Final would not only win Masters but also the Series. The Final started at full speed with both teams not holding anything back. We were able to draw first blood by knocking out their dorito side giving us the 1st point. The 2nd point was similar with us getting early kills and taking a 2-0 lead. The 3rd point started off strong for SWAT taking a few early kills but we were able to claw our way and back and force the point into a 1v1 between David “Blacky” Black from SWAT and our Macca. After a few exchanges Blacky made a play for the buzzer but Macca was able to pick him off just before he could reach it. We were now up 3 nil going into the 4th point. The team’s spirit was at its highest going into this point as we were so close to victory. We took the final point and it was over rather quickly. We took a couple of kills off the break and then ran down the remainder of the SWAT players. The moment Karl Simpson hit the buzzer for the final time our pits went crazy as not only had we won Masters but also the title as Super 7s Series Champions for 2014.

It’s been a great first year for Team nVs. We were made to fight for our place and show we are a team to be reckoned with. We would like to thank all of our fans, friends and families who have supported us throughout the year. Thanks also goes to Michael Whybrew, the staff at Action Paintball and everyone who competed at the 2014 Super 7s Series. A big heartfelt thank you to Gloria Simpson for not only organising our pits but also organising us. Without her we would find things a lot harder. Final thanks goes to our sponsors Paintball Addiction, Dye Precision and Devon Stutz for supplying us with the best clothing and equipment to help us get the job done.

-Nathan McDonnell

Team nVs




STK Super7 Australia

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014

A few weeks ago STK went to Sydney to compete in Australia’s biggest and best tournament and final round of the Super 7′s series, the Masters. The event itself was spectacular as all the rounds have been for the Super 7′s this year. STK would like to thank Mike, John, Pete, and all the crew at Action for the year we had at the Super 7′s through their hard work and vision for Paintball in Australia. The last time we played the Super 7′s was in 2009 and coming back opened our eyes to how good we have it in our own backyard! I’d urge all Aussie teams who don’t play it already to have a go at the Super 7′s. Maybe some of our international PALS friends should come over for a visit as well — great infrastructure, support and a huge prize pool at every round.

If I had to some up our performance at the Masters, I’d have to say all fizz and no pop. We played World Cup Asia the week before and finished with 2nd place. It was awesome and reaching that championship game again is a real pinnacle and accomplishment to us. I think this set us up to come to the Masters perhaps a little blasé… we played the State of Origin on the Friday after no sleep and in 45 degree heat. We won it with our friends from Rogue Assassins and our pit crew who stuck it out with us in the crazy heat. The main event, the Masters itself was on the Saturday and Sunday. First mistake, we didn’t walk the field. We just played all day in 45 degrees and we were getting the hell out of there and into some aircon! We had a quick team meeting, it was woeful, it literally consisted of “yeah just shoot your guns and get down the snake” and then we crashed out for 14 hours.
A bit of the fire was definitely missing, but we wanted to try and wrap up the series as we’d had a pretty decent year in the series with a 1st and two 2nds. All we needed to do was not come 4th.
We weren’t playing too badly on Saturday morning, even with the lack of preparation. We played nVs. It was a pretty close game. The score was tied at 2-2 with about 1 minute on the clock. I was stuck in a small cake — I could survive in there but I couldn’t do anything useful. In my mind I remember thinking I didn’t want to chance ending the game with a tie and losing out on the super tight prelims point race. I wanted to try and win the point. In retrospect, I should have just sat in my bunker, shot my gun and accepted the tie but instead I tried bumping out to make something happen. Got shot in the process and nVs was able to clear up the rest of us and press the buzzer with only seconds left.
We were still in reasonable spirits; we won the remainder of our games until we came up against Explicit. Explicit had guest players Marcello Margott and our boy Devon Stutz. Playing against Marcello was a great experience. Marcello and Devon destroyed us on the break. I would get into my bunker and think “how is there so much paint coming my way?” and then look over to see two of our guys heading to the deadbox. Explicit beat us giving us our second prelim loss.
Finally we came to play against SWAT, who had Justin Cornell guesting with them. Like he’d done all tournament, he tore down the snake and was a real problem for us. I can’t remember the final score but SWAT beat us too, leaving us stuck in the play-off for 3rd and 4th.
At this point, I’m ashamed to admit it but we were just going through the motions. We’d played the whole tournament and didn’t have a better grasp on the field than we did in the first game that weekend. As Stevie said, the season finished for us last week at World Cup. It was disappointing to end what was otherwise a great season on a bit of a low note. Needless to say, Explicit crushed us in the 3rd/4th playoff and we finished off with 4th.
Our friends on nVs won the Masters and Super 7′s series for 2014. Congratulations. Stevie took out top honour too for Player of the Year 2014, which he highly deserves.
It was great to see our non-player mates Jane and Gloria again. As well as Scary Mary.

Despite the disappointing finish, the comedy level at Masters was super-high on our team, so it was still a good trip. Thanks to everyone on STK for your commitment and friendship this year, again. Our roster has stayed pretty much the same for quite a number of years and our bond is tight. And again, the biggest thanks to our “paintball mum and dad” Brad and Christine for another year with us. They complete our family and we love them! And of course thanks to our sponsor, Dye. Can safely report that Dye guns perform excellently in 45 degree weather when our bodies are on the verge of death. And WASP Paintball in Perth.
Thank you.
Dan Woods
STK Captain

Photo Credit:
Action Paintball Games, Action Liz
Morgan Lane Photography
Scary Mary Paintball and other Sports Photography




A word from Pop, Captain of Team Asiawan

Thursday, December 11th, 2014

World Cup Asia 2014 is the biggest tournament annually in Asia, took place on Nov. 7-9, 2014. As it’s the biggest one, so we prepared and planned our team around 3 months before. We worked hard and never missed weekly practice in those periods.

The biggest cup always challenge the greatest team to win it.
In the first day, we won, but not as well as we expected, so we recap our strategy and wish to do it better in the next day. And we did it well, getting better one by one step till we got into the semi-final round.
In this round, those 4 teams were the best in Asia. We were a little nervous but nothing can stop us at this stage. We finally did it, we won the World Cup Asia tounrnament, 6th championship of the year 2014 together with 7th championship of Pals Series Overall Champion.

We, Aisawan team, dedicate each of every championship to the hard working of all team mate. We believe in team work and all strategy practice which prove our believe is real!
Thank you for all supportive, specially for DYE who always support us with great deal of equipment. DYE, Choice of Champions.

Pop # 07
Team Captain
Aisawan Paintball Team
Paintball World Cup Asia
Goldfish69 Photograghy
Wan Mad Photography
Bob Tahar Photography

Super 7’s Australia

Thursday, December 4th, 2014

My trip started with a smooth 16 hour flight in first class. I ate, slept, ate, watched movies and slept some more waiting anxiously to land in Australia. As the wheels came screeching down I gathered my things and got ready for what I knew would be a long day. It was early friday morning and I had a clinic to teach later at Action paintball for team TPC so it was going to be quite a day. Devon Stutz met me outside of customs and we hopped in the rental car, the journey had just begun. As we rolled up to the field I could feel the jet lag starting to kick in. Its ok though because I was excited to see all of my Australian buds and get the weekend started. The first person I saw when we got to Action Paintball was Mike Wybrew, who I have gained much respect for over the years. He is somebody that is genuinely trying to do the right thing for our sport in Australia and build a league that keeps players excited and involved with the sport. We spoke for a few quick minutes before I had to get my gear on and head down to start working with team TPC. The clinic was a huge success. I implemented more paintball logic than fundamentals which isn’t usually the traditional way of running a clinic but the team was getting ready for the Masters event so I wanted to prepare them mentally. What a great group of guys, they listened and learned an exponential amount of things throughout the day and all were very thankful for the time I spent with them. I was more proud than anything, because throughout the day the improvement of the teams play couldn’t go unnoticed.

At the end of it they invited us to a BBQ back at their rental house. Of course we went :) .. Myself, Devon Stutz from DYE and Mike Whybrew drove to their place after the day was done to indulge in typical australian “Shrimp on the barbie”! Except it wasn’t shrimp, just steak and burgers that were amazing. I had a blast communicating with the guys that I had just spent the day teaching with. I enjoyed it because during the clinic it was mostly professional and now I had the chance to get to know them on a more personal level. All Australians, at least the ones I have encountered, have always shown great hospitality to the American players and for that I am very thankful. Jamie from TPC was the one that organized the entire thing and I can’t thank him enough! It was getting late so I told Mike we had to get home. After all we had a tournament to play the very next day so even thoughI was having fun I wanted to get a good night rest to be ready for our games on saturday.


Saturday morning, it was early when we arrived to the field with our game starting at just 8am. I was still pretty tired and mildly jet lagged but excited to get the event started and play paintball. We smashed through our preliminary games only dropping one to team NVS which is one of the main DYE sponsored teams in Australia. Kind of bittersweet to be honest. Sucks to lose but they are a DYE team so I was happy to see them perform well. That night Devon and I decided we didn’t want to do anything but grab food and go to bed. It had been an incredibly hot day reaching temperatures of 110 degrees and we had played 6 matches in total. All I wanted was water and food! Mr. Whybrew of course was more than accommodating, letting us sleep at his place and constantly had food, water, comfortable beds, and even the jack daniels night cap readily available!


Sunday morning came around and our team was sitting in first place. We had 3 matches to play and had to win all 3 to guarantee a spot in the finals as they only take the top 2 for finals. We won two and tied one which put us in a position of failure. We had to count on other teams point differential to let us in. I was unhappy with how they ran that system and believe they should take the top 4 or 6 and run a legitimate “Sunday” style paintball but the rules are the rules. I believe Mike is considering changing them to be more like the PSP for next year as he is constantly looking for ways to keep Australian paintball up to par. With that said, we ended the preliminary matches in third place and did not have a chance to fight for the title. Either way I had an amazing time and was extremely happy to see the growth of not only the talent in Australia, but also the growth of the league. My hat goes off to Mike Whybrew as I can see he genuinely cares about paintball and making sure everything involved with his league is fair. He is a good bloke as they would say :)


  The event continued without our team in the finals but another DYE sponsored team, team NVS, ended up taking the title. So as I said it was a bittersweet finish but I’m always happy to see dye at the top, where it belongs. That night the league organized a players party, which I love, at one of the hotels. I love these because it keeps every player involved. They do the award ceremony, individual recognition and team recognition throughout the night. Everyone that attended the event was there so its awesome to see the support from the players toward the league. Its things like this that really make me appreciate paintball in foreign countries. The player / fan participation is extremely high

I wish we were more like them and were more excited to be at events and do everything related to paintball. It only helps the sport grow when we come together. The night ended with tons of handshakes and greetings. I got to talk and meet with most of the Australian players that were at the event and chat with them about plans for the future which is something I aspire to do. I want the sport to grow and I feel the best way is for everyone to work together and grow as one team.

The next day Devon and I had a week long adventure through Australia meeting with field owners and stores to discuss plans for the future. Our goal was to try and connect these guys to help each other grow, find ways to bring paintball to the next level in Australia and support our brand, DYE Paintball. The meetings went extremely well, starting in Sydney we met with multiple field operators and tried our best to influence them in a positive way to grow their business. Business growth in paintball means more players playing, which means growth in our sport so obviously Im all about it! We went from Sydney to Melbourne and h continued our venture to meet with field operators, store owners, new paintball players, etc.. Melbourne was extremely fun. I got to meet quite a few field owners that I feel share a genuine interest in the growth of paintball. After our long discussions and very advantageous meetings I’m excited to see where they will be next year when I come back. Luckily there was some downtime. I got to explore and check out each city as a tourist. Fortunately I had some friends that I’ve known since the first time I came to Australia back in 2009 that were able to show me around a bit and take me to some of the hot spots. It was a blast, a trip that ill never forget. Melbourne was beautiful and full of character and I’m thankful to have accomplished multiple things while I was there such as , help the growth of paintball, meet with field owners and discuss ways to attract more and new players, visit the city, eat amazing food and teach an amazing group of guys the fundamentals and logic of paintball.




Saturday morning came around and it was time for me to teach my pro school. We showed up at Snipers Den Paintball early and ready to go. Everyone else was there and eager to learn. I always start my clinic off with an introduction and a review of what we will be learning that day. These guys were awesome, throughout the day I can’t even explain through text how much better they got. I saw bad habits get lost and watched new, good habits form. Thats my biggest goal is to help people reach their full potential and there was tons of potential here. Everyone listened wholeheartedly and I could tell they really took everything in. Its always rewarding for me when I walk away from a clinic feeling like I had a positive impact on the players and this time they made absolute sure of it that I was appreciated. Words can’t describe the gratitude for that and all I can say is i really, really, can’t wait to come back and see how much better they have gotten. Top top it off they were an amazing group of guys. Unfortunately I didn’t get to stay long as I had a flight to catch heading to Brisbane for my clinic on friday. I grabbed a quick shower and off to the airport I went!



We landed in Brisbane late saturday night and one of our good buddies, Nathan Mcdonnal from NVS, the team that won the Masters, picked us up and took us back to his place. When I got there my jaw dropped. Little did I know he had cooked up a feast for us and by that time I was already starving. He made some of the best ribs that I’ve probably ever had along with amazing chicken covered in homemade Australian BBQ sauce… I can’t lie, I was in heaven until I ate myself into a food coma, then I was just in a coma. I fell asleep quite early knowing I had a full day of paintball ahead of me. The next morning would be my last clinic for the trip, at Skirmish Paintball, a legendary field that has been around for years. It was the original premier field in Australia so it was quite amazing to roll up and be able to experience it in person. Im all about paintball and paintball history so to me this was awesome!



This clinic was ran a little differently. Most of the players were on teams with the exception of a few which were actually highly advanced. We did mostly game situations and instead of spending the day working on fundamentals I worked with them on paintball theory and logic, explaining how games break down and what the right moves are and when. This is usually how I like to run my clinics anyway as I feel it gives more insight to how the game is played and what goes through our minds as we are on the field. Everyone was beyond excited and the payers all learned quite a bit. We needed the day with playing matches for fun which for me, was an absolute blast. I love playing paintball and it was great to get full games in with the guys, same as I did in Melbourne. My goal is to travel the world and teach paintball the best that I can while at the same time, having fun with the players so that they genuinely want to continue to play. Growing the sport is my number one priority. I slight frown came across my face though when I realized this was the end of my trip.



It was Sunday night and time to get to the airport to catch my flight. We went back to Nathans house to finish off the leftover ribs, shower, and head to the airport. I spent a night in Sydney and woke up early to get some last minute explorations in along with a few instagram photos! I walked through Darling Harbour, had some breakfast, found the shot and then headed to the airport. Here I am now sitting on my flight, heading back to California with an amazing impression. Mostly because of my excitement in the growth of paintball in Australia but also because I had an awesome trip thanks to everyone involved. I am sitting on the airplane as I write this and am already thinking about when I will book my next flight back. What an awesome time. Thank you Devon Stutz form DYE, Michael Whybrew from Action Paintball, Craig from H2O, Nathan Mcdonnal and LEggo from NVS and Skirmish Paintball, all the guys from Explicit paintball, and everyone else that made this trip possible. I truly had an amazing trip and can’t wait to come back. Keep up the hard work!



Aztek Future Worrior Attends Badlands MegaStore Grand Opening

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

“Overall, the store looked amazing. There was an amazing turn out in terms of shoppers from new players and parents shopping for their kids holiday gifts, to veteran players, some even showing up in their gear! There was a great variety of DYE
markers, masks, rotors, jerseys, pants, tops, headwraps and vests on display throughout the store. They (Badlands) even have a Special Edition Silver DAM on display! A few televisions were displaying the Box Rotor video and they also have 5-6 huge Dye glass display cases. The store looked amazing and DYE was represented very well. I think the store will do very well. Badlands Megastore is located conveniently in the heart of Toronto and easily accessible via the highway. It will become the #1 store in Canada.It was great to be there and help represent the Dye brand.” AZTEK

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