DYE Precision’s factory team, the Los Angeles Ironmen, one of the world’s most winning and iconic professional paintball teams, is proud to announce the signing of rookie pro Dan Norcross.

Spending most of the weekends grinding it out at Victory Paintball Park at Camp Pendleton, 27-year-old Dan Norcross comes to the Ironmen with a successful two-season semi-pro career, during which he won the 2018 NXL Atlantic City event and crowned 2018 World Cup champion. Through his talent, dedication and drive, the Ironmen feel this is a position that's been well earned. The team believes he will have a direct positive effect in the team’s journey throughout the 2019 season and can't wait to get his rookie pro year started.

Dan Norcross, making his debut as a professional player with the Ironmen, had this to say:

"I remember being in the grandstands in 2007 & 2008 when the Ironmen won back-to-back World Cups. Guys like Billy Wing, Nicky Cuba, Oliver Lang, Mikko, Shane Pestana and Pete Utchig seemed larger than life and in that moment, they were. When they won, you couldn't find a kid in the stands that didn't want to wear the Shield after watching that. That era of Ironmen had a standard to live up to just like the standard they set for us and I'm honored to have the opportunity to uphold it. Fast-forward 11 years, there's a wealth of local talent and paintball IQ on the 'Men today and I can't help but be excited to learn from everyone and contribute.

I've had a DYE gun in my hands for over a decade by choice. The company's history is so deeply rooted in the game that making great products comes naturally. When a brand has been a first-hand witness to some of the greatest moments and players to grace the sport, they've seen it all and built great top level products to match. The gear flat out performs and I'm thrilled to have DYE's backing."

Coach Todd Martinez stated:

"Dan Norcross is a weapon we are excited to add to our arsenal. He has great communication skills, athletic ability and natural intensity. He is a very intelligent person with good work ethic and fundamental understanding. Dan will fit right in with our culture and type of players we have."

Chris Williamson, GM of DYE Precision, added:

"Dan's tenure at DYE Precision, Inc speaks for itself. During his time at Purdue University, Dan interned at DYE to follow the paintball dream of working and playing in the industry.  Because of his drive, passion and work ethic, he was offered and accepted a full-time position at DYE and helped our sales and marketing team for years.  As Dan has moved on, he still plays a vital role in our brand. Dan has played competitive paintball at a high level and his ability to communicate on the field is unmatched.  Adding Dan to an already hungry roster will prove to be a killer addition to the 2019 Ironmen." 

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