DYE Precision’s factory team, the Los Angeles Ironmen, one of the world's most eminent and longest-standing professional teams in the history of paintball, is excited to announce the addition of John "LJ" Parrish.

Hailing from Kalamazoo, Michigan and rolling into his 3rd season as a pro paintball player, 27-year-old LJ Parrish comes to the Ironmen with a tireless ambition and an extraordinary focus on winning. From LJ's speed, intensity, and aggressive offense, there’s no question that he will be making an immediate impact on Ironmen’s performance in 2019.

LJ Parrish had this to say:

"I am excited and honored to represent DYE Paintball, Coach Todd Martinez and the iconic Ironmen camp. The Ironmen are one of the most legendary pro teams in paintball.  Getting an opportunity to compete for the 'Men is an incredible privilege.  

DYE paintball is a very impressive organization. The company has been around for generations for a reason. They not only produce phenomenal products such as the M3+ gun, the proven Rotor R2 Loader, i5 Goggle System and much more, but they take great care of the customers and players that represent the brand. This gives my teammates and myself the confidence and support allowing us to compete at the highest level of competition."  

Coach Todd Martinez commented:

"LJ Parrish has the exact type of personality and game that we look for in an Ironmen player. He is a tough, intense, hard working person. We look forward to adding him as a weapon and believe that he will also contribute positively to our team chemistry."

Chris Williamson, GM of DYE Precision, added:

"DYE Paintball and the Ironmen are committed to building a winning team and so far this pre-season could not be working out any better. With a "winning is everything" mentality, LJ Parrish is going to be a valuable weapon for the Ironmen going forward. Equipped with the all-new M3+ and DSR gun platforms, we are excited to see what LJ and the 'Men will do in 2019."

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