DYE Precision, the industry leader in paintball innovation for over 24 years and a continuous proponent of teams at all levels in tournament paintball, is excited to welcome back Semi-Pro team New England Hurricanes with a multi-year sponsorship deal.

First formed in 1999 to compete in the NPPL Boston Open in Cape Cod, the New England Hurricanes were originally intended to be a one-and-done team. However, that first event sparked a fire within the team and many of the players continued on their path and became a pro 7 man team in 2004, competing in both NPPL and NXL under the NYX name through 2008. After the NPPL ended in 2008, the squad continued to compete in the NXL pro division in 2009. The team made the decision to move down to D1 for 2010 and 2011 competing as a DYE Paintball factory team. After a successful run with multiple podium finishes under the DYE banner, the team split up with players going to X-Factor (Billy Bernacchia), Upton 187 (Matt Darula) and Avalanche (Benny Carroll and Steve Schloss), along with others. Fast forward to now, the team is back with DYE again to make their new debut in 2019 with original members, as well as a couple new additions.

In this rekindled partnership, DYE is proud to provide a platform of products that will help the New England Hurricanes succeed in their quest of getting back in the rhythm of making podium finishes. The team will be suited up head to toe in DYE’s extensive line of elite quality gear including M3+ & DSR markers, the innovative i5 Goggle System, constant feed R2 Loaders, the highly accurate line of UL-S & CF-S Barrels, performance protective gear, and more.

Owner Jeff Stein commented:

"For me, this is all a little surreal. The kid we used to call Little Poo is now over 6' and owns a car dealership. The kid we called P-nut now produces television commercials. Benny Carroll is now, well, no, he's still Benny. And to be able to pick right back up with DYE is amazing! We shot the NT in 2011 and now we'll be coming back with the opportunity to use the M3+ and DSR. We are gonna bring DYE back into New England in force!"

Chris Williamson, GM of DYE Precision, Inc, added:

"When you have players and a team with the experience and history that the New England Hurricanes possess, they can provide extremely valuable feedback that helps us improve our products. With this crew, we know that they're going to push our equipment to the limit and give us valuable insight into what they like about our line of gear and what they'd like to see in the future. All of us here at DYE are excited to be a part of Hurricane's new journey as they re-enter into competing in the NXL. With their talent, experience, and the support of our tournament level products, we foresee them rising to the top quickly in 2019!"

Keith DeVit, #19 of NE Hurricanes, had this to say:

"With the heart of New England coming back to the show, it only seems fitting to pick up right where we left off! We couldn't be more excited to represent DYE and their great products, especially the incredible all-new M3+ marker platform. DYE is the cream of the crop!"

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