DYE Precision's factory team, Los Angeles Ironmen, one of the world’s most successful and longest running professional paintball teams, is excited to announce the signing of Nick Slowiak!

As one of the most recognizable and liked faces in professional #paintball, and always ready to talk paintball with a laugh and a smile, Nick comes to the Ironmen with an extraordinary amount of experience with 12 pro seasons under his belt.

Nick Slowiak commented:

“I am full of excitement with this opportunity to join the Ironmen. This new experience is going to be partially unknown and that is something that I know will help push me to be the best player I can be. The 2020 season is full of uncertain possibilities, but what is for certain is the spark of this team's soul is very much alive and well. Dave Youngblood, the soul, has a clear vision for his team and what he knows we will accomplish. The heart, Coach Todd Martinez, knows how to direct this team’s talent and he has one of the best attitudes in the game. Having the brains, Chris Williamson, and the rest of the DYE support staff, along with the best paint in the industry from GI Sportz behind this team is really beyond words. There might not be a truer professional organization in paintball and I am honored to be apart of it.

The new DYE gear I received this past weekend brought back great memories from when I had the privilege to play for Chicago Aftershock using all DYE products during my first year pro. It’s evident that the attention to detail, quality and performance is still there today as it was then. The #DYEM3+ marker is leaps and bounds ahead of the DM6 I used so many years ago, but the familiarity of having it in my hands brings an unmatched confidence in the marker and what it can do. Every other aspect of each piece of DYE gear is no different. From the barrels that started it all to the socks on my feet, there is nothing made by DYE that isn’t built to help you become a champion.”

Todd Martinez, Ironmen Coach, had this to say about the new 2020 addition:

“Nick Slowiak is a championship decorated veteran of the game with a high level of professionalism, paintball IQ and communicative ability. Nick plays the game well and has a great personality. A true foxhole guy. I am excited to have one of the best players to ever come out of Chicago on our team after all the years I have known him. His character, experience and leadership will help our younger guys grow on and off the field.”

DYE Precision’s General Manager, Chris Williamson, commented:

“Nick Slowiak is another exciting addition to the Ironmen 2020 roster. I look forward to see what Nick does on the field with our marker, loader and goggle platforms while behind the Shield this season. Nick has a wealth of professional experience and the necessary knowledge for what it takes to be at the top and win, making him a perfect fit for Ironmen’s plans in 2020.”

Keep up with Nick @NickSlowiak and Team Ironmen @TeamIronmen on Instagram.