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Marcello Margott Wins CCP Event #3 in Colombia

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

CCP #3 – Medellin, Colombia

 by Marcello Margott

Photos by: 100% Paintball

One of the most enthusiastic paintball communities I have been to. My trip to Colombia was nothing short of amazing. It started out with an over night flight to Miami where I had a nice 6 hour layover, those are always fun. I took a nap in the Lounge and tried to hold in my excitement of getting to South / Central America for paintball for the first time. I didn’t know what to expect, what sort of venue they would have, the talent level, how friendly the people were, this was all a new experience for me and I couldn’t wait to see what was in store. After my long wait I finally got on the plane, here we go, next stop, COLOMBIA!

I landed Wednesday night around 8pm and got picked up by our friend Tito who plays for one of the DYE teams down there. He took us back to our massive house, I was amazed when we pulled up. This place was a Colombian mansion villa style that I fell in love with. We had juke boxes, pool tables, outdoor verandas with fountains and everything. This was the real deal. It had been a long travel day so I set my things down and decided to take a shower. I was in for a rude awakening when I was told that we didn’t have any hot water! So, I say whatever,  when in Rome right? Or Colombia.. So I turn the water on and hop in. This must have been the coldest shower I had ever taken in my life. It felt like jumping into one of my ice baths that I prepare for my knee. Nonetheless it felt good to get clean and go eat some authentic Colombian food.

We spent a few days traveling the city and seeing Medellin. I must say, it was pretty cool being able to walk freely in a city that was once ruled by Pablo Escobar. What they had to overcome is astonishing and I feel blessed to have had such a safe trip to this beautiful country. The team took us all around the main spots of downtown Medellin and let us fulfill our wanderlust for the night, but work would start early the next morning.

Friday I woke up, excited to meet everyone at the clinic. I always love to see what type of players show up because there is so much talent across the world. I always go to a clinic hoping to find at least 1 kid that really has what it takes to become a pro. This clinic was filled with them. Everyone was dedicated to learning our program and using the techniques we gave them to improve.

We must have had about 20 participants and 100 spectators. It was crazy how involved everyone down there was and it was an honor to have people so interested in what I do. We wrapped up the day with some autographs and giveaways and everyone was more than thankful. I had an awesome time after we were done just hanging around the field with the players. Everyone there was really friendly and made us feel at home. Now that the clinic was over, it was time to win a tournament.

We went back to the house for a mellow night because we wanted to be fresh for the event. The league ran fairly smooth, although they could absolutely use some improvement with organization I thought everything went pretty well. The CCP seems to be a growing league down in South America and I’m excited to see how far they’ve come. We got through our two days of play and were in the finals, only dropping 1 point the entire tournament. Sure enough the team that beat us that 1 point would be the team we faced in the finals, where they scored another point but still lost 1-4 against us.

We won the tournament and suddenly the stands had completely emptied. Every single person inside the stadium was lined up to take pictures and have me sign autographs. It was truly an overwhelming feeling and it made me really think about how thankful I am to be in a situation where I can have such a positive influence on people because of paintball. I take my responsibility very serious and Colombia was an event that reminded me of everything this sport has given me. Traveling the world and doing what I love, cant beat that. Cant wait to get back down there and see how much it continues to grow in South America. Gracias amigos!

-Marcello #33

For more information on the CCP, be sure to check them out on Facebook HERE

Billy Wing Reports on CCP #3 in Medellin, Colombia

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

CCP Medellin, Colombia

by: Billy Wing

Photos by: 100% Piantball

Last month I had the opportunity to travel with my Fiancée Melissa to one of the most beautiful cities in the world, at least in my opinion, Medellin, Colombia. To be honest I have fallen in love with Colombia as a whole. The picturesque Mountains, mild climate, great food, and close friends make it one of our favorite countries to visit. As a bonus, the PSP affiliate league, the CCP hosts top notch national events, which is the excuse I used to justify the trip.

The CCP hosted their third event of the year at the Los Caballos Bar just outside of Medellin. The location was so nice. The field and staging area were under a giant shade canopy so even during the midday sun you were always under shade and comfortable. 100 feet away was the Los Caballos Bar, a western restaurant that had an amazing menu, specifically their steaks. Many players found themselves trying to play with a stomach way too full of steak, and maybe a beer or two.

The event hosted 33 teams. More teams were begging to compete but to ensure a quality event that did not run late the team count had to be capped. The tournament had a host of special guests including the LA Ironmen’s Marcello Margott, and players from other top US pro teams such as Dynasty, Infamous, and DMG, as well as Industry figures Tony Perez and Chris Reahl.  If 10 top names in paintball make the time in their non-stop schedule to travel down to this event, you know I am not the only one who loves Colombia, and the CCP is doing things right.

The CCP barrowed the PSP Riverside field layout, which if you were in Riverside or watched the webcast, it is a fast field layout. The reffing staff was headed by Dan Perez, who did fantastic job keeping the play clean and fair. Thank you Dan for the hard work, and home made Guacamole Saturday night.

Every trip down to Latin America I see a noticeable improvement in skill level and talent. The teams just keep getting better and better. And there was no better example of this than in the Finals on Sunday. The grandstands were out of control for the final match as the game went back and forth between the San Diego Dynasty, and local Colombia team Way-out. Way-Out, using DYE guns and gear played with a tremendous amount of national pride and support, but ended up losing the very close match by only one point to possibly the top team in the world this year, Dynasty.

In the end I cannot say enough about this event and the effort the CCP put into their tournaments. I also want to thank the Duque family for being wonderful hosts, and making my fiancée Melissa and I feel so welcome and at home. We can’t wait to plan our next trip down to Colombia.


DYE & Billy Wing Attending August CCP Event in Madellin, Colombia

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

PSP Affiliate league, CCP (Circuito Colombiano de Paintball) will be hosting their next event August 23-25 in Medellin, Colombia.

To help out our loyal customers, accounts, and teams the legendary Billy Wing will be attending the event!

Tech support will be offered to anyone using Dye products, and we look forward to seeing who the champion will be at this great tournament series.

For more information on the CCP visit or!/profile.php?id=100000989337938&fref=ts

Dye Teams & Stores Helping Children Across the Globe

Wednesday, December 26th, 2012

Today we are proud to report on two extremely thoughtful stories sent to us from one of our newest Dye Sponsored teams in Ukraine, HULK, and one of our oldest South American retail outlets, Fast Ducks of Colombia.

First let’s travel to Ukraine, where HULK donated more than just a fashion show to a room full of underprivileged children in their region.  A big screen TV for the children to all share, gift bags for everyone, and the best present of all… an invitation to play paintball with HULK in the spring!  You’d think the TV was what would get the children excited, but according to HULK’s captain Yaroslav Yanushevich, the announcement of their upcoming paintball adventure got the kids all clapping their hands and jumping with excitement.

A few gifts and a paintball invitation was all it took to make this years holiday season extra special for a lucky few.  HULK put on this event out of their own pockets, but to them it was no sweat… they were happy to do it out of the kindness of their hearts.

Now we travel way South to Bogota, Colombia, where Fast Ducks Paintball put on a Toy Drive for some underprivileged kids in their area.  Dye’s own Billy Wing personally made the trip down to Colombia to hand deliver some toys for this great cause, and from all of the pictures they’ve sent us we can tell it was a major success!

Dye is extremely proud when individuals, teams, stores or anyone in the paintball industry takes it upon themselves to give hope to those who are less fortunate and to make their holidays a little brighter.

Check out Fast Ducks Paintball of Colombia at and on Facebook

The HULK of Ukraine can be found at



Alex Spence from Damage Makes the Podium at CCP Finale – Colombia

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

Our own Alex Spence from Tampa Bay Damage made the trek down to Bogota for the 2012 CCP Bogota Open in Colombia.  Guesting for the local Dye team Low Kill, Spence got to have fun, drink some nasty Colombian liquors, and play several quality matches against the best that Colombia had to offer.

“First thing I have to say is I LOVE MY LIFE. It’s easy to loose sight of things and forget how lucky I am to be where I am, have what I have, and do what I do.  This last weekend I was able to take a trip to Bogotá, Colombia for the first time (thanks to Dye) to play in the 2012 CCP Bogota Open. This was my first time in Colombia and it was a blast. With the little bit that I got to do/see I can tell that country has a lot to offer.

The trip started out on Thursday when I got there and like usual Customs scanned my bag and made me open it and pull out my DM13 and gave me a crazy look when they saw it. But after some pictures and a bad attempt at sign language to explain what paintball was they let me go. From there my hosts took me to dinner, where I got a steak. And I don’t care who you are when you go on these trips you always want to see a familiar face so it was cool when I found out that we were meeting up with a few other players and Shane Howe who I’ve had the pleasure of playing on Sacramento Damage with. Once we got together with them we headed to a few lounges and had some drinks including a native Colombian shot called Agaurdiente, and its horrible.

On Friday we got a chance to do some sight seeing at some underground salt mines that were pretty cool. The mines were dug into the side of a mountain and went thousands of feet into it. Inside they transformed it from a mine into several cathedrals that were truly breath taking in how big they were and how long it must have taken to carve these into pure rock. Hands down to the people who accomplished this, my conclusion is they had help from aliens…cause there is no way they did that with their hands haha. After the salt we took the scenic route home and got to see some of the countryside, which was nice except the face that the roads are mostly dirt that need a lot of work and it took about three and a half hours. That night I was exhausted and fell asleep without even having dinner as soon as we got back to my hosts house.

Saturday was the start of the tournament and the whole reason I was there. In the morning we got to the field around 10:30 am and they were just getting things moving due to a lack of power at the field. We (Low Kill) didn’t have a game until about 3:30 so we just hung around the field and I got a chance to meet a lot of new people and make fun of Tom Cole for a while. Our fist game was against Low Profile and it was a good game. We were all friends so it was fun with no problems at all. We ended up winning the game 2-1 in overtime. Our Next game was against Peil Rojas and it was a blood bath and a lot of fun, we also ended up winning that game 3-1. That night we went to a restaurant named Wings and enjoyed just that. We ended up sitting there for a few hours just rambling on but it was nice since it was in good company. After a few of us went and got some ice cream and then called it a night since we had to be at the field at 630 a.m.

Sunday we had to start early due to the late start on Saturday. We were supposed to have two more prelim matches both against DC Army who beat us the first match and since the second match wouldn’t have had any effect on the tournament and we were already guaranteed a spot in the semis we ended up skipping it and flipping a coin, which we won :-P . So when the prelims were finished DC Army got a bye into the finals since they were in first place, and we (Low Kill) would play Peil Rojas in the semi-finals to see who would go on to play for first and second. In the semis we didn’t hear the ten second warning so the game started while we were just standing there and weren’t ready so it cost us the first point and then it all fell apart after that, I lost a game I shouldn’t have because I thought the snake side was clear and we lost another point due to a major penalty on the snake side. The last point was a twenty-five second run through point that we ended up winning to make the final score 3-1 giving us third place. So Piel Rojas went on to play DC Army in the finals. The game started off with DC Army winning a good point with a solid number of bodies and then to finish the tournament off Shane Howe won an amazing 4v1 in 3 minutes to win the tournament with a final score of 2-0.

Overall it was a great trip and a really fun tournament. Hats off to the refs and the CCP league for putting on such a good event and keeping things running smooth. Even with starting over two hours late on Saturday and having to push a quarter of the prelim schedule over to Sunday, they still managed to catch up and finish the tournament with daylight shinning, which most will know that is rare to come by. After the tournament we ended up going to a lounge and finishing off the trip in good fashion with good people. Id like to thank the CPP for hosting such a good tournament, the refs for doing the job that no one wants to do, my host Luciano Parra and his family (especially his mom ;-) had to throw that in there haha) for letting me stay at their home, and most of all Dye Precision for giving me the opportunity to travel the world and play the sport that I love so much.”