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Friday Giveaway Contest Winner 4/12/13

Monday, April 15th, 2013

This week Dye Tactical gave away one hell of a prize package, including a DyeCam Rotor Loader, Dye T-Shirt, and massive sticker pack.

The Friday Giveaway question was: Find the Red Dye logo hidden on

The first (and only) person to find the special red logo we hid was SHAWN LEAHEY!  You can find the hidden logo here:

Congrats Shawn, you win the Dye Tactical Prize package.

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DYE Paintball Friday Giveaway Winner – 4/5/13

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

Thanks to everyone who participated in this week’s Friday Giveaway!

You guys are all troopers (those who took the time to grind out the counting contest), we hope you all had fun!

Dye Paintball wanted you to guess: How many items are for sale on

Colin Galloway Guessed 986 and was right on the money!

Congrats Colin, you won a brand new pair of Cubix Cyan i4′s, a Dye T-Shirt, a Dye Snapback, and stickers!

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Dye Tactical Friday Giveaway Winner – 4/1/13

Monday, April 1st, 2013

Thanks to everyone who participated in Dye Tactical’s first ever Friday Giveaway!  Many more to come on

This week we wanted to know – “What’s your favorite vest + accessory combo?”

Chris Arnold gave us a great setup with explanations on why he chose each item:

“That vest you have there would do the job, but for my dream vest I would have to go with :
- Tac Vest Alpha (because of all that molle goodness.)
- Admin Pouch (for easy proof of elite player and for dropping your calling cards on the players you put into a dirt nap.)
- Tank Pouch (to hold your precious 48ci 4500psi Throttle tank.)
- Clip Pouch Double (for holding those sweet DAM 20 Round Mags, that your going to use to pick off unsuspecting players with your First Strike Rounds.)
- Dump Pouch (because even the trained Dye Tactical Elite need cookies in the field to keep them nurished!)
- Assault Molle Pod Holder 3+4 (got to have that quick release velcro straping for those hairy situations. Aint nobody got time to unbuckle!)
- Insulated Grenade Pouch (because I love to cook my grenades!)
- Unit Patch Pack (because maybe your bored of being a sniper and want to be where the real actions at with the Infantry.)
- Attack Pack Pro ( for holding more of that liquid gold Dye CG paintballs and besides you’ve grown fond of the name “Ammo Wagon”.)

All of the above is Dye Cam. ”

Love that setup Chris!  Enjoy your Dye Tactical Package.

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Ironmen Rotor Contest Winner 2.6.13

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

Congrats Todd Warren on winning a brand new Dye Rotor!

For those of you who don’t know, the LA Ironmen take discipline very seriously.  If you’re late to practice, get a major penalty at an event, or disrespect the team in any way… you can expect to “Spin the Wheel”.  The Wheel of Death is a Rotor Quickfeed with some nasty punishments glued to the bottom of each tab.  Thanks to Todd Warren, the Ironmen have a new option to add to the Wheel… The Slipper Nipple!

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Winner of the LA Ironmen Rotor Contest – 12/29/12

Saturday, December 29th, 2012

The Los Angeles Ironmen announced that they were giving away a FREE Dye Rotor on their Facebook page, and the response was overwhelming!  Over 500 people answered the question:

“What would you do for a FREE Dye Rotor?”

Some hilarious answers were submitted, but only one could win. Congrats to Ibrahim Cetindemir!

More contests are coming soon! Check out the LA Ironmen on Facebook and @TeamIronmen on Instagram

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