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2013 PSP Dallas Open – Thursday Recap

Friday, March 15th, 2013

The 2013 PSP Dallas Open has officially begun, an event set to be one of the most exciting professional paintball tournaments to date.

Thursday’s story of the day was without a doubt Chattanooga CEP grabbing an epic win over San Antonio X-Factor 7-1.  CEP has struggled since their pro debut, but it appears new team owner Steve Nicola and captain Robbie Goldsmith have made all the right moves during this crazy offseason and have built a more competitive squad for 2013.

Damage casually picked up 7-1 and 7-3 wins over Aftershock and Vicious, although 2012 PBA MVP Jason Edwards was disappointed in their margins.

Here are some photos from Thursday’s games, check out the Dye Blog and Dye on Instagram @DYEPaintball for more photos from PSP Dallas!


Friday, February 22nd, 2013




San Diego, California (February 22nd 2013)- DYE is excited to announce they have become an official paintball sponsor for the 2013 PSP Season.  All of DYE’s flagship teams will be shooting DYE Competition Grade (CG) Paintballs this year, including (but not limited to) the Los Angeles Ironmen, Tampa Bay Damage, and Toulouse TonTons.

DYE CG was introduced to the competitive paintball scene last year in the 2012 Millennium Series.  The resulting praise for it’s elevated level of performance created an overwhelming demand for the product, the high demand was at such a level DYE felt compelled to enter the US market by supporting the most competitive league in professional paintball, the PSP.

CG’s Dyetanium dark navy shell provides optimal shape and roundness with unmatched consistency from ball to ball. The DYE CG fill contains a proprietary high-visibility mixture, providing definitive marking ability. DYE’s custom engineered shell creates a perfect balance of allowing the user to see the paint in flight, but not easily reveal your position to opponents. CG’s vibrant yellow fill has an unmistakable marking ability, which is of utmost importance during competition.

Meticulously engineered and quality controlled to exact tolerances, the new DYE CG Paintballs define professional level accuracy.


Teams interested in shooting DYE Paint at the PSP should contact:

Dye Paintball / Dave Pando

10637 Scripps Summit Ct.

San Diego, CA 92131

P (858)536-5183 ext. 250


Alex Spence from Damage Makes the Podium at CCP Finale – Colombia

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

Our own Alex Spence from Tampa Bay Damage made the trek down to Bogota for the 2012 CCP Bogota Open in Colombia.  Guesting for the local Dye team Low Kill, Spence got to have fun, drink some nasty Colombian liquors, and play several quality matches against the best that Colombia had to offer.

“First thing I have to say is I LOVE MY LIFE. It’s easy to loose sight of things and forget how lucky I am to be where I am, have what I have, and do what I do.  This last weekend I was able to take a trip to Bogotá, Colombia for the first time (thanks to Dye) to play in the 2012 CCP Bogota Open. This was my first time in Colombia and it was a blast. With the little bit that I got to do/see I can tell that country has a lot to offer.

The trip started out on Thursday when I got there and like usual Customs scanned my bag and made me open it and pull out my DM13 and gave me a crazy look when they saw it. But after some pictures and a bad attempt at sign language to explain what paintball was they let me go. From there my hosts took me to dinner, where I got a steak. And I don’t care who you are when you go on these trips you always want to see a familiar face so it was cool when I found out that we were meeting up with a few other players and Shane Howe who I’ve had the pleasure of playing on Sacramento Damage with. Once we got together with them we headed to a few lounges and had some drinks including a native Colombian shot called Agaurdiente, and its horrible.

On Friday we got a chance to do some sight seeing at some underground salt mines that were pretty cool. The mines were dug into the side of a mountain and went thousands of feet into it. Inside they transformed it from a mine into several cathedrals that were truly breath taking in how big they were and how long it must have taken to carve these into pure rock. Hands down to the people who accomplished this, my conclusion is they had help from aliens…cause there is no way they did that with their hands haha. After the salt we took the scenic route home and got to see some of the countryside, which was nice except the face that the roads are mostly dirt that need a lot of work and it took about three and a half hours. That night I was exhausted and fell asleep without even having dinner as soon as we got back to my hosts house.

Saturday was the start of the tournament and the whole reason I was there. In the morning we got to the field around 10:30 am and they were just getting things moving due to a lack of power at the field. We (Low Kill) didn’t have a game until about 3:30 so we just hung around the field and I got a chance to meet a lot of new people and make fun of Tom Cole for a while. Our fist game was against Low Profile and it was a good game. We were all friends so it was fun with no problems at all. We ended up winning the game 2-1 in overtime. Our Next game was against Peil Rojas and it was a blood bath and a lot of fun, we also ended up winning that game 3-1. That night we went to a restaurant named Wings and enjoyed just that. We ended up sitting there for a few hours just rambling on but it was nice since it was in good company. After a few of us went and got some ice cream and then called it a night since we had to be at the field at 630 a.m.

Sunday we had to start early due to the late start on Saturday. We were supposed to have two more prelim matches both against DC Army who beat us the first match and since the second match wouldn’t have had any effect on the tournament and we were already guaranteed a spot in the semis we ended up skipping it and flipping a coin, which we won :-P . So when the prelims were finished DC Army got a bye into the finals since they were in first place, and we (Low Kill) would play Peil Rojas in the semi-finals to see who would go on to play for first and second. In the semis we didn’t hear the ten second warning so the game started while we were just standing there and weren’t ready so it cost us the first point and then it all fell apart after that, I lost a game I shouldn’t have because I thought the snake side was clear and we lost another point due to a major penalty on the snake side. The last point was a twenty-five second run through point that we ended up winning to make the final score 3-1 giving us third place. So Piel Rojas went on to play DC Army in the finals. The game started off with DC Army winning a good point with a solid number of bodies and then to finish the tournament off Shane Howe won an amazing 4v1 in 3 minutes to win the tournament with a final score of 2-0.

Overall it was a great trip and a really fun tournament. Hats off to the refs and the CCP league for putting on such a good event and keeping things running smooth. Even with starting over two hours late on Saturday and having to push a quarter of the prelim schedule over to Sunday, they still managed to catch up and finish the tournament with daylight shinning, which most will know that is rare to come by. After the tournament we ended up going to a lounge and finishing off the trip in good fashion with good people. Id like to thank the CPP for hosting such a good tournament, the refs for doing the job that no one wants to do, my host Luciano Parra and his family (especially his mom ;-) had to throw that in there haha) for letting me stay at their home, and most of all Dye Precision for giving me the opportunity to travel the world and play the sport that I love so much.”

2012 PSP World Cup – Day 5 Recap

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

Another year, another PSP World Cup in the books.  350 teams have come and gone, and one Dye team was just inches from becoming the World Cup Pro Division Champs in 2012.

Damage fought hard all season long, winning the home opener in Galveston and getting on the podium at all but one event this year.  Although they weren’t able to win their finals match against Heat, Tampa Bay Damage made the podium at 4/5 PSP events this season, securing a 2nd place overall finish, a 2nd place a cup, and a mountain of respect from around the league.  Ironmen also ended the year strong with a 4th place finish at cup and 4th place overall finish, and we even had some love from South America as our boys Way Out grabbed 2nd place in D2/3 Race to 2!

On a more serious note, a special moment took place on Sunday afternoon in the Dye Booth, when the Make a Wish Foundation brought one lucky young man to the Dye Photo Wall for a photoshoot with his favorite professional paintball players.  Members of Damage, Ironmen, X-Factor, Infamous, and Houston Heat all took the time to make an appearance for a photo that he and everyone who was there will remember forever.

The Dye Photo Wall was definitely the place to be on Sunday, as players from Damage, Ironmen and CEP were hanging out and taking photos with their fans all afternoon.  The Dye “Polaroid Pics with the Pros” was a major success, with nearly 100 signed polaroid pictures being handed to any fan who stepped up to the red carpet.   This was just one of many fun activities that were going on at the gigantic 2012 PSP World Cup Dye Booth, however, as our new tactical marker, The DAM, was getting some serious attention from fans and store owners alike..

Dealing with the powerful wind that swept across central Florida all week long, the Dye crew was finally able to open up “The DAM Experience” on Sunday, a first hand look at the brand new Dye Assault Matrix.  Anyone willing to wait in line could walk through the Dye Tactical Tunnel, grab a pair of i3 A-Pro goggles, load up a few 20 round mags and go to town on Plexiglas targets and cinder blocks at Dye’s own private shooting range.  The age spectrum was vast and the fun level was high as paintball lovers of all ages lined up to shoot the new DAM free of charge.

Enjoy our photo set from Sunday the 2012 PSP World Cup.  We hope you had a chance to stop by our booth and check out the wide range of 2013 Dye Paintball products.  Be sure to like us on Facebook – and, follow us on Instagram @DYEPaintball and Twitter @DyePrecisionInc, and stay updated via our blog for everything Dye related!

2012 PSP World Cup – Day 4 Recap

Saturday, October 27th, 2012

Another day, another incredible set of matches brought to us by the PSP &!

Saturday was crunch time, the last chance for teams to prove that they deserve to be competing for the coveted 2012 World Cup Champion title.  Two teams that are definitely in the hunt are the Los Angeles Ironmen and Tampa Bay Damage.  Both teams had close matches early in the day, with Ironmen squeezing out a win over Impact, hanging the winning flag with only 10 seconds left to spare.  Damage let their early game against XSV slip through their fingertips as XSV was able to upset them 3-2, but immediately stole their momentum back when they squared off against the Ironmen and won convincingly 6-1.

Off the field, the Dye booth tried something new & fun at this event, a ‘Polaroid Pics with the Pros’ session at the official Dye Photo Wall.  Proffesional players from the Ironmen, CEP and Damage were snapping pics for hours with their fans who all got to take home the photo and get them signed by their favorite players.

Enjoy the Saturday photo gallery, log on to for the pristine webcast live from the event, and get ready for an exciting day of PSP Paintball tomorrow!


Ironmen vs. Infamous – 8:00 am

Damage vs. (TBD) – 11:50 am

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