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Dye team Moonwalkers win the first FPL!

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

March 22-23, 2014. The FPL “Federal Paintball League” was the first event of the year, in the city of Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires. The tournament had two division D4 and D5 with 8 teams per division

D4 Teams

Moonwalkers – Extasis – FTZ Crew – Overdose – Zorros – Redemtion – El Clan – Walking Dead

D5 Teams

Renegados – El Clan Army – Voodoo – TNT Crew – Tomacos – MCTV – TWD – FTZ Shadow


The event begun on Saturday with a Pro-Clinic from the hand of Marcello Margott, passing all his knowledge to the new players that attended the event. The prepared everyone for the battle they had ahead. With the clinic finished, the tournament began with the D5 division. All went smoothly and without any delay on day 1. Day 2 begun really early in the morning with the games from D4. The fist match was the Dye team Moonwalkers up FTZ Crew featuring Marcello Margott. After a close game, it ended in a tie.

Moonwalkers went to the semi-finals undefeated and had to play against FTZ Crew one more time. A tough gameplay from both of the teams resulted in a tie and an overtime game. But after a major penalty was assessed to FTZ Crew, they had to enter with 3 players and Moonwalkers take their place in the finals, winning 3 – 2 in overtime.

Final Standings


1st Moonwalkers

2nd Zorros

3rd Redemtion



1st Renegados

2nd Voodoo

3rd El Clan Army

Tactical Ironmen at Day of the Dead Eleven Scenario Game

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

Zombies beware…

For over a decade, “Righteous Humans” have been battling “Evil Zombies” at the epic Day of the Dead scenario game at Flagswipe Paintball in Ontario, Canada.  This year, Dye’s own Billy Robertson of the Tactical Ironmen will be joining the madness.

This event is far from your average scenario game.  With tons of Zombie/Human classes of players to choose from, a ridiculous amount of prizes to win, and a gigantic field map, Day of the Dead Eleven is going to be the best zombie paintball game to date.

Day of the Dead Eleven will be held on September 30th, 2012 at Flagswipe Paintball in Ontario, Canada.

To sign up or get more info, visit