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Dye Asia Contest Winner

Wednesday, December 26th, 2012

We had over three hundred entrants for Dye Asia’s i4 Goggle contest, and after a few days of guessing a winner has emerged.

Hope everyone had a great holidays, and keep checking the Dye Asia Facebook for more contests like this!


Ironmen T-Shirt Contest Winner

Monday, October 8th, 2012


Last week the Los Angeles Ironmen asked their fans:

“How many total wins do the Ironmen have since the inception of X-Ball in 2003?”

Correct Answer: 140 X-Ball wins!

Where do the Ironmen stand against the rest?   The winningest X-Ball team in paintball is the Russian Legion with 164 wins, followed by the Ironmen at 140, and then Dynasty at 118.


The contest was EXTREMELY close, with five contestants all guessing within 10 of the actual winner.   The closest contestant was Joe (joeypopcorn), with a guess of 137 wins!  Great job!  Please check your e-mail and look out for a message from a Dye representative.


For more contests, more giveaways, and everything LA Ironmen keep checking

Also check out the Ironmen on instagram – @TeamIronmen

Dye Tactical Contest Winner 10/1

Monday, October 1st, 2012

What a great contest!  We got a LOT of new product ideas from you guys for the Dye Tactical line.  Thanks for entering.

The winner of the DyeCam Headband signed by the LA Ironmen is.. Ed Leeson!

Ed, along with many others, gave us some great feedback on our Dye Tactical line.  Can’t wait to hear what other ideas you all have for us!

Keep an eye out for more contests coming soon to


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