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Operation Sandy: Paintball Fundraising Success by Pete “Mr. U.” Utschig

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

by: Pete “Mr. U.” Utschig

It always seems to blow my mind how when something terrible happens in this country, we always turn around, rally together, and come back stronger. I couldn’t be prouder to be a paintball player than I was the day Operation Sandy was born.

From the first phone call to friends and sponsors until the last shot of special made KEE red white and blue paintballs were fired, there was nothing but an outpouring of help and support. Every player,field owner, and manufacturer involved reached into there pockets and gave. On top of that, over 20 fields and thousands of players turned out to show support for all the people and paintballer’s effected by the hurricane.

Cousins Paintball in Long Island was the first field to sign up and was a flagship field spearheading Operation Sandy.  It was on Long Island, one of the hardest hit areas by the hurricane, that I took the field against long time friend and teammate Nicky Cuba. After a full day of paintball and down home ball breaking, Cuba was crowned victorious.

In the end, the real winners were all the people that will receive much needed help from the thousands of dollars raised throughout the weekend, not to mention all the players that won some of the great prizes in the raffles inclining two young guys at my game that won DYE Reflexes and Empire AXEs. Once again I want to thank everyone involved but especially everyone at DYE that I consider my second family.  Every time I ever need anything, you guys are there!!!!

A heart felt Thank You from NYC.

Pete “Mr. U” Utschig

Hypersports of Sweden Makes HUGE Donation to Ronald McDonald House

Thursday, December 27th, 2012

The paintball players of Sweden have made a BIG difference this year, not just in the Scandinavian paintball scene, but in the lives of millions of children around the world.  This year, Hypersports donated over 11,500 Euro to help fund the construction of a fifth Ronald McDonald house in their home country.

“During 2012, we decided to do something a little extra special, something we think is really important.  We wanted to make a difference, for those who have it really hard” mentioned the Hypersports Team.  ”You, our customers who bought gear from us in 2012, have been involved in making something beautiful, something we are proud of now when this paintball season is coming to an end.”

What is a Ronald McDonald House?

Sometimes when a child gets sick, they have to go to a hospital far from their families.  Parents want to be with their child every second during such a difficult time, but when they are far away it makes it extremely difficult.  That’s where the Ronald McDonald houses come in.  They provide a place near big hospitals for parents to be with their unfortunate children.

The Hypersports team consistently runs promotions and sales where a percentage of the sale are used to raise money for this great cause every year.  ”Since this cause is close to our heart, we will continue to collect money and make a big donation in 2013.  We hope to be able to donate even more in 2013 so that more of these houses can be built!”

For more information on the Ronald McDonald house, visit

For a full press release of Hypersports’ fundraiser, check out

Hypersports website –

Hypersports Facebook –


Dye Teams & Stores Helping Children Across the Globe

Wednesday, December 26th, 2012

Today we are proud to report on two extremely thoughtful stories sent to us from one of our newest Dye Sponsored teams in Ukraine, HULK, and one of our oldest South American retail outlets, Fast Ducks of Colombia.

First let’s travel to Ukraine, where HULK donated more than just a fashion show to a room full of underprivileged children in their region.  A big screen TV for the children to all share, gift bags for everyone, and the best present of all… an invitation to play paintball with HULK in the spring!  You’d think the TV was what would get the children excited, but according to HULK’s captain Yaroslav Yanushevich, the announcement of their upcoming paintball adventure got the kids all clapping their hands and jumping with excitement.

A few gifts and a paintball invitation was all it took to make this years holiday season extra special for a lucky few.  HULK put on this event out of their own pockets, but to them it was no sweat… they were happy to do it out of the kindness of their hearts.

Now we travel way South to Bogota, Colombia, where Fast Ducks Paintball put on a Toy Drive for some underprivileged kids in their area.  Dye’s own Billy Wing personally made the trip down to Colombia to hand deliver some toys for this great cause, and from all of the pictures they’ve sent us we can tell it was a major success!

Dye is extremely proud when individuals, teams, stores or anyone in the paintball industry takes it upon themselves to give hope to those who are less fortunate and to make their holidays a little brighter.

Check out Fast Ducks Paintball of Colombia at and on Facebook

The HULK of Ukraine can be found at