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Grammaton Clerics secure 2012 MPOC D2 Championship

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

Ask any competitive paintball team what they want at the end of a season and their answer will always be this: “A Series Championship”.

by: The Grammaton Clerics

“Great news for the Clerics as this year we got the title handed to us on a silver platter… just by registering!  For some odd reason, our closest competitor Team Votolocos did not register for the event, which made us the champs. Of course that’s good, but being Grammaton Clerics, we did feel a wee bit dissappointed. We want the title, but we also like the challenge that normally comes with it.

As consolation for being guaranteed a series championship, we played even harder to get the gold at that event, which was held again at Xtion Paintball Park in Bukit Jalil.

After a difficult semi-finals match, we had made it to the finals and had a chance to take home not one, but two 1st place honors at this series finale.  The finals were long points. Both teams played cautiously and maintained their lanes well. We shot them off the break on a few occasions, but the mid-game-lockdown they deployed proved frustrating for our forwards. Our back line had to place accurate shots to tuck in their forwards while our snake and dorito inched to get the angles they need. We got the kills and led 2 – 1 with a bit more than a minute left of regulation time.

We were exhausted so we made one final push. As the seconds passed we were getting careless moving up and crossing shots.  Lost Boys tried to push snake side and reach the 50s, but our backs held their lanes and crossed it up to put their pace to a stop. As our friends and crew counted down the seconds, Lost Boys could not break our defense and at the horn the game was over. We got the championship trophy and also the gold medal to match.

It has been a long and hard season. We came in to the division as rookies and trained very hard every weekend to improve every aspect of our game. There were no shortcuts or discounts for our success and without the help of family, friends and sponsors we would not have made it this far, this quick. Coming to the end of the third year as a team we thank everyone who parted advice, words of wisdom and contributed directly or indirectly to the team. Our success is as much as yours as it is ours, and we really appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts.

What’s next? There is WCA and that D2 PALS title we have been had our eyes on. For now… we will see you in Langkawi World Cup Asia! Stop by and say hello. We won’t bite… promise.”

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