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Dynamix take 1st at World Cup Asia in Langkawi!!!

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

Dynamix have had a very successful year with a dominant performance in the SARPL series in South Africa. However, being the
competitive team that they are, they weren’t satisfied with success in their local series and decided to head over to Malaysia for
the World Cup Asia event so they could test their metal against the best teams in Asia. This was their first event in Asia and the
team went over focused and well prepared, they ended up winning the event!! Craig Marley from Dynamix gave us this report:

After a tiring 27 hours of travel from South Africa,
the team finally landed in the beautiful Langkawi
We were greeted by the pleasant and friendly Dye staff,
Devon and Ellen who handed over to us 2 Big Boxes of
Dye goodies with one of them being the all new powerful
DM14 along with the new Formula 1 Purple C14 gear – Purple Power! :)

Our first day we dominated all our prelim games.
We rocked with the new DM14′s straight out the box.
The feel of the gun was very different to the DM13
giving us more gun control and accuracy when laning.
Due to the new positioning of the fore grip and no
Microcline, making it easier to swop hands.
The gun is very smooth and gave us good air efficiency.

In the semi’s we played against Lost Boys, it was a tough
game but we ended up beating them 3-2 with one second left on the clock.
Our next game against Datis we beat 4-1. Which took us to the finals facing Rascals.

What a fight! penalties were flying everywhere. We were down 3-1,
only to dig deep and never give up! We won 4-3!!


Thanks to everyone that helped and to all our friends, family
and supporters sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for the scores

Much love

Very importantly, Thanks to Dye for the great gear and the best gun ever – DM14!!
And thanks to South Africa Blades n Triggers and Haviannas.
Also thx to STK for all there help, was also good to see all the Dye teams working together,
One big happy family ;)

Check out the video of the final:

Team Destiny to Compete at World Cup Asia!

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

The all-female & Dye Sponsored paintball team,  Team DESTINY (USA) is attending the Paintball World Cup Asia 2012 event in Langkawi, Malaysia!

With a deadly mixture of talent and beauty, these girls are looking to take home some gold medals at one of the most prestigious paintball events in the world, World Cup Asia.  Boasting a roster of the best female players in North America, DESTINY absolutely has a shot at winning a title.

Their Roster:
Kat Secor (Captain, 2007 Female Paintballer of the Year)
Katie Kelley (PSP Division 3 Champion)
Linh Truong
Kimi Kan
Victoria Sandau
Kelsey Mathieu
Catherine Villanueva
Sonny Lopez (Coach)
To support these teams, check out their photos, and more, visit their Facebook page -