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Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

by Jeremy Klynsmith

“This past weekend saw the 1st event of the 3 Man series sponsored by Dye and hosted by Sharjah Paintball Park.

Paintball in the UAE has struggled in recent years, largely due to a lack of support from the local fields to organize events. The guys

at decided to take matters into their own hands and organize a 3 man series this year that is for the players and run

by the players. The idea is to run simple and well organized events to give the UAE teams something to play for, Dye decided to get

behind this great initiative and have helped sponsor the series.

There was a real buzz around the field, all the players were pumped for the event and games started to run smoothly and on time,

Ali Omran from did an awesome job of organizing everything and keeping the games rolling. We saw some really good

games throughout the day, the Dye CG paint shot perfectly and it seemed like everyone had a great day of paintball.

Well done to Ali and his crew for running a great event, I know that all of the UAE players appreciated it and are looking forward to the next one.

1st Place: Closure

2nd Place: Expats

3rd Place: Cold Paint

Rocky Heading to PEV’S March 2nd, 2013

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

Saturday, March 2nd 2013 – Don’t miss Rocky Cagnoni at the one and only PEV’S Paintball Park in Aldie, VA.

You better believe if Rocky’s coming to town he’s bringing a truck load of DYE gear.  If you want to test out the newest DYE Products, including the DAM, DM13, and Reflex Markers, this is your chance!

For more information visit – Instagram @DYETactical

HULK Paintball Team Gearing up for 2013 with new HULK Arena and more Charity

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

With so many dedicated players in the HULK Paintball organization, these Ukranians realized the ability they have to not only set themselves up for a great 2013 season of paintball, but also to give back to their community.

HULK boasts over 40 players that practice and compete both in Ukraine and around the world.  Now, in 2013, captain Yaroslav Yanushevich is proud to announce that “HULK Arena” is officially open.  That’s right, these guys have their own private training facility, complete with brand new turf, a Ukraine-approved heating system, and, sure, why not… a giant mural of the team in the backdrop.

Not only are Team HULK upgrading their practice facility, but they are also upgrading their organization as a whole.  HULK has delegated members of the team to hold important positions in the hierarchy that is HULK Paintball.  The hard-working members received their new roles with honor this past December.

Despite all of the upgrades to the HULK Paintball Team, the always selfless Ukrainian ballers from Eastern Europe made it a point to give back on New Years Day, 2013.

“Today, our team continues to supporting children that need our help” mentioned the team.  ”On New Years we visited a place where we were awaited and welcome, ‘City of Happy Children’ children’s center.

The kids were happy to get their presents, but besides tradiditional Christmas Toys, HULK presented the children with a variety of sports equipment.  Now the kids have enough badminton rackets, balls, ropes, and other sporting equipment to last them a long time.”

Follow Team HULK on Facebook –

Or, if you can understand it, check out their website –

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