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DYE Extreme Durability Test Video – ft. Mike Paxson

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

Released today: The first of FIVE new Rotor videos coming out over the next two months!

In the first of the series, Los Angeles Ironmen and 2X World Champion Mike Paxson shows off the Rotor’s ability to withstand rainy & wet conditions.  Even after dumping water straight into the loader on top of a pod of paint, the Rotor + DM13 combo still continues to cycle without any issues.

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Rocky & Paxson to Attend Tippmann World Challenge 2012

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

Tippmann World Challenge is one of the biggest scenario paintball games in the world.  Thousands of players, epic prizes, and legendary generals including Dye’s own Mike Paxson of Team Ironmen who will (hopefully) be leading the World Team to victory in 2012.

Dye’s bringing out their A-squad for this event.  Along with Paxson, our master gun tech and Tactical Ironmen team leader Rocky Cagnoni will be in attendance.  Rocky & Paxson will be distributing demo markers and other Dye products throughout the event from the official Tippmann World Challenge Dye Booth.

Tippmann World Challenge will be held at Hell Survivors Paintball Playfield in Pinckney, Michigan September 22nd-23rd.

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