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Hypersports of Sweden Makes HUGE Donation to Ronald McDonald House

Thursday, December 27th, 2012

The paintball players of Sweden have made a BIG difference this year, not just in the Scandinavian paintball scene, but in the lives of millions of children around the world.  This year, Hypersports donated over 11,500 Euro to help fund the construction of a fifth Ronald McDonald house in their home country.

“During 2012, we decided to do something a little extra special, something we think is really important.  We wanted to make a difference, for those who have it really hard” mentioned the Hypersports Team.  ”You, our customers who bought gear from us in 2012, have been involved in making something beautiful, something we are proud of now when this paintball season is coming to an end.”

What is a Ronald McDonald House?

Sometimes when a child gets sick, they have to go to a hospital far from their families.  Parents want to be with their child every second during such a difficult time, but when they are far away it makes it extremely difficult.  That’s where the Ronald McDonald houses come in.  They provide a place near big hospitals for parents to be with their unfortunate children.

The Hypersports team consistently runs promotions and sales where a percentage of the sale are used to raise money for this great cause every year.  ”Since this cause is close to our heart, we will continue to collect money and make a big donation in 2013.  We hope to be able to donate even more in 2013 so that more of these houses can be built!”

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