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2013 Invasion of Normandy Recap & Photos – Skirmish USA

Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

July 12-14, 2013 – Skirmish USA

**Update** – Video from the event is live!

What an event!  The 2013 Invasion of Normandy Scenario Game at Skirmish USA in Albrightsville, PA was a major success on all fronts.  Over 4,000 players gathered from all over the USA to reenact one the most historic battles in US History, paintball markers in hand.

Dye Tactical brought a lot of firepower to this event, including our full Dye Tactical Truck Booth complete with the full line of Dye and Dye Tactical paintball products, plenty of DAM’s, Reflexes, and DM13′s to demo out to anyone with an ID & Credit Card, and of course the Tactical Ironmen who helped the Germans grab a win on the field.

We appreciate everyone who stopped by the booth, whether it was to purchase a hot new Dye product, test out one of our markers, or just say hey to Rocky, Mr. U & the rest of the Dye crew.  Also a big thanks goes out to Paul, Sky, and the Skirmish USA crew who never fail to put on an epic paintball event year after year.

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Blue Falcon Squadron | 6 Year Team Anniversary

Monday, July 15th, 2013

















2nd of June 2013. It’s a typical day in a little abandoned village, somewhere in the Portuguese countryside. The sky is blue and the sun is shining and all is calm, until, suddenly, a jeep rushes past, closely followed by a cloud of dust and blue smoke; a whistle can be heard in the distance and soon after dozens of players, of red and blue team, clash in an all out offensive to gain control of the village.

This was the atmosphere in the latest Blue Falcon Squadron anniversary. The team’s 6th yearly event was quite different from previous ones. With a group of around 100 players and a smaller playing field, this was a much more tactical and focused event, with the main aims being the coming together of all the major Portuguese tactical Paintball teams and the showcasing of the newly acquired Dye Tactical gear, particularly the Dye DAM.

















The event was 2 days long, with Dye challenges on the first day, such as timed target shooting and a series of duels using the DAM. These were particularly interesting and fun to watch, especially since both players were limited to the 10 rounds in the magazine and were playing on a small airball field. Tournament players would take advantage of their experience while tactical players would rely on their patience to gain the upper hand.

Blue team, mostly made up of Blue Falcon Squadron players, decided to send a small squad across open ground to keep the bulk of the enemy defenses busy, while two larger squads, led by a group of fast running players, were to flank the village from the left, where they could gain the high ground and fire down on the houses and also approach the village from an angle that would minimize their exposure while crossing open ground.

The plan worked and after a large charge and massive amounts of suppressive fire, Blue team captured the first house, along with one gas mask, which was quickly sent back to HQ.

















After a short break, both teams switched places and the Red team decided to take a different approach. They split their forces evenly and went for a three pronged attack on the village, with smaller groups flanking the Blue team on both sides. However, Blue team players realized this and positioned their forces to cover all the major roads leading into the village and used superior firepower to keep the opposition at a distance, across open ground. This quickly developed into a stalemate with Red players being unable to advance past the Blue’s first line of defense and being unable to complete a single objective.

Overall the anniversary, although smaller in scale, was a huge success and an opportunity for the Portuguese paintball community to get together, try out the new Dye tactical gear and experiment with it on the field and enjoy a friendly, yet intense, weekend of paintballing.






















Troy Nagel & Craig Marley Report from the 2013 U-Tac D-Day Scenario Event

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

photos by: Gareth Weise

South African Dye Tech, Troy Nagel, recently headed down to Cape Town for U-Tac’s annual D-Day Scenario event. The 2 day event attracts players from all over the country who come to battle it out on U-Tac’s impressive field. Troy had the Dye tech booth setup to fine tune all the Dye and Proto markers at the event and also to promote the incredible new Dye DAM marker!

Cape Town local and captain of team Dynamix, Craig Marley, was also on hand to back up Troy on the field and give players the chance to experience the DAM’s dominating performance.

Craig gave us his rundown of the event:

“Unfortunately the event was held on one of the stormiest days that Cape Town has ever seen, bringing rain, hail and freezing winds. Still the troops came out to battle with the Allies taking on the Axis, Allies started in the boats while the Axis waited behind bunkers for the doors to drop and the chaos to begin. The horn blew and it was all out WAR, wind, rain, hail and flying paint everywhere while we scrambled to find cover.

Troy and I were there to demo DYE’s new DAM, this was my first time playing with one and I was very impressed to say the least, what a great gun! It shot perfect the whole day using DYE CG paint and I loved the flexibility of being able to switch over to First Strike rounds on the fly to take those long range kills like a sniper, then flip back the switch and have the fire power to make the charge to the next bunker. I definitely felt like it gave me a huge edge on the field and most importantly I had a lot more fun!!

U-Tac is an incredible venue, one of the best scenario fields in the world and extremely well run, a big thanks to Allan and his crew for a great event. The Blades & Triggers staff were also really helpful and made sure that players had everything they needed throughout the event. Thanks to Switch MultiMedia for covering the event and taking some great pics.

Also a big thanks to Troy Nagel and DYE for the DAM and tactical gear, I can’t wait for the next scenario game!

It was an amazing event and I highly recommend that you plan to be there next year!”

Free DAM, DM13, and Reflex Demos at Oklahoma D-Day 2013

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

Be sure to stop by the DYE Tactical Booth at Oklahoma D-Day 2013!  Rocky Cagnoni and Trucker Billy will be demoing out the new Dye Assault Matrix, DM13, and Reflex Markers to D-Day players all event long.

On top of Demos, there will be gun teching and the full booth setup complete with the entire line of Dye and Dye Tactical products for sale.

For more information on D-Day visit

Be sure to follow and instagram @DYETactical for live updates from the event.

Here’s a flashback from D-Day 2011 featuring Trucker Billy & the Dye Tactical Crew:

DYE Tech Tent and Free DAM Demos for D-Day South Africa @ U-Tac

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

Hundreds of players, Troy Nagel & Craig Marley, and FREE DAM Demos all event long.  What could be better?

Stop by the Dye tent to get your Dye/Proto markers tuned or fixed and to get your hands on the hottest new item from the Dye Tactical engineers.. the Dye Assault Matrix!  June 2nd at U-TAC Paintball in Cape Town, South Africa.

For more info visit

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