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Aisawan Can’t Be Stopped!

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014




July 12-13, 2014

For the first time, Aisawan team, has joined the Taiwan Open. Of course, this was very exciting and we had a chance to visit DYE ASIA!! This was an exciting and important part of the trip.

During the tournament, we did well and stuck to the strategy we trained for.

In the first round, we passed through as the points leader ahead of every other team in the tournament.

As we approach the second round, only 4 teams were left. We could sense the determination from every team to go through the final round.

They worked really hard and push themselves to the limit, just like us.

Our plan works and we passed through to the final round, working through it carefully and wisely.

Finally… success was in our reach and the price was paid.

We took our 6th Championship of this year!

We would like to thank all of the contributors to this tournament.

They were awesome with their hard work and made one of the greatest tournaments we’ve ever attended. It was a good experience to meet new friends and we enjoyed the opportunity to stay there.

Lastly, thank you DYE.. for the great support all along!


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Team KU – Japan – Grabs 2nd Place at Taiwan 2013 National Paintball Tournament

Monday, March 25th, 2013

Taiwan hosted the recent 2013 National Paintball Tournament, and Dye’s Team KU from Japan made the podium.

“After one year of not playing an event with the team, it was a great feeling to get back onto the field with everyone. Our first event was in Taitung Taiwan. We were considered to be the favorites to win the tournament along side defending champions Team Storm from Taiwan.

Equipped with dye gear head to toe and shooting the new DM13s and Dye CG Paintballs, we finished the prelims in first place heading to the final round with confidence. Unfortunately we could not take that form into the final rounds and ended up 2nd overall behind Storm who defended their crown. Shortage on players and injury might have been a big factor, but no excuses, Team Storm were the stronger team and deserved to win.

We would like to thank team SplatZ from Malaysia for helping us in the pits and coaching us. Steven and Weili from Dye. All the participating teams for their generosity and sportsmanship, and of course the marshals! And last but not least our sponsors Dye Paintball for the continuous support.”

-Takeshi Tamura – Team KU