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Pete “Mr. U” Utschig Reports from Navikill in Ecuador

Monday, December 10th, 2012

Pete “Mr. U” Utschig of the Tactical Ironmen reports from his latest tactical adventure in Ecuador -

“The last event of this year for the Tactical Ironmen had the guys split between Wayne’s World Game in Florida where the Ironmen were led by Mike Paxson and Billy Wing, and the event I went too in Guayaquil Ecuador. Although I heard amazing things about the Wayne’s World  Game I am really happy I made the trip to Ecuador.

The Tactical Event I played was called Navikill which in Spanish means the Christmas Kill, very fitting. The event was organized by Ecuador’s  top ranked tactical team Waiakill, and  the team puts on an amazing event . The game pitted three teams of 35 players each in a virtual tug of war. The field was 500 yards long with two rows of two-story cement houses full of alleys, windows and corridors.

It was a tactical paintball player’s dream come true, especially one armed with a DYE DAM. There were kills to be had around every corner. Two teams competed at a time while the third team judged. The team’s mission was to acquire a key from the other team’s safe zone and then unlock a chained up hostage located in a maze in the center of the field. Both teams had the same assignments, which meant the gunfights in the center of the field were intense.

Paint was raining from every window above and below, nowhere was safe. Games were 30 minutes long and re-generation was allowed in the first 15 , which meant the first 15 minutes were full blown slugfest and the last 15 a tactical a chess match. There was no leaving the field to reload or air up. This left me at a huge advantage with a couple of loaded first strike clips in my harness. I was eliminating players at will with my DAM while they were struggling, down to my last rounds.

During lunch, with the help of Luis from DYE Ecuador and Team Evolution, and Gazzu also from DYE Ecuador and Team Zurikatas, we organized a 2 vs. 2 Tactical DAM tournament and Sniper competition. All the players involved were blown away by the DAMs accuracy, versatility, and fire power. I hope that we are able to adopt this set up at some tactical events next year. It was some of the most fun paintball I have ever played. Make sure you check back for all the POV video footage coming soon!”

Hurricane Sandy Charity Paintball Event – Hosted by Pete “Mr. U” Utschig

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

Hurricane Sandy hit one of Dye’s flagship players close to home, and the time has come to do something about it.

Who: Pete “Mr. U” Utschig vs. Nicky Cuba

What: Charity Paintball event to raise money for victims of Hurricane Sandy

When: December 15th

Where: Cousins Paintball – Long Island, NY - Cousins Paintball


“Everyone who knows me, knows I’m a man of action” explains Pete “Mr. U” Utschig, a NYC firefighter and Tactical Ironmen from Long Island, NY.  ”So let’s stop saying we ‘want to help’ and let’s do it, and play some paintball have some fun and win some great prizes at the same time.”

To help raise money for his friends, family, and everyone else that was affected by the devastating storm Hurricane Sandy, Mr. U and Nicky Cuba have organized a charity event at Cousins Paintball in Long Island, as well as 20 other fields up and down the east coast.

On Saturday December 15th, Cousins Paintball will be hosting Operation Sandy: The Charity Game.  Dye Paintball has donated a complete set-up to be raffled off during the event, including a Reflex Marker, several sets of Rotors and i4 Goggles, as well as t-shirts and other promotional gear with all proceeds going towards the cause.

“I am asking that all paintball players around the country invite some friends come out and play some paintball on December 15 &16 to show the world what makes this Nation great. That when we get knocked down, we pick each other up, dust each other off, and come back stronger than ever!”

In addition to Mr. U’s game at Cousins, December 15th and 16th have been designated as “Sandy Relief Weekend” with over 20 fields all participating and donating their time and resources to raise money for those hurt by the recent tragedy on the East Coast.  Fields including:

Paintball World
Boston Paintball
Commando Paintball
Dynamic Paintball Inc.
FC Paintball LLC
Quick Shot Paintball
Paintball Charleston
Cru Paintball
Boss Paintball
Paintball Wholesalers
Fox 4 Paintball
Hogans Alley Paintball
Lehigh Valley Paintball
High Velocity Paintball
Cousins Paintball
Paintball Sports and Supply
Top Gun Paintball
P and L Paintball
Operation Stingray
All Star Indoor 









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